The Weapon Against Obesity- AOD9604 Peptide

Short for “Advanced Obesity Drug,” AOD-9604 is an altered variant of the amino acids #177-191 that make up human growth hormone’s C-terminal peptide chain (HGH). The inclusion of the amino acid tyrosine at the N-terminus of the peptide provides an extra degree of security to the peptide (hence a longer half-life)

Nonetheless, why concentrate on 10% of HGH and this specific area?

When it comes to HGH, fat reduction is one of its primary advantages—but it also comes with a slew of unpleasant side effects, including insulin resistance, a decrease in natural HGH production, and a detrimental influence on pituitary gland function.
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Although CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin have shown the potential to improve HGH synthesis and release without adverse effects, why not simply extract the component of HGH that boosts fat metabolism? For the therapy of obesity, it would represent a medical breakthrough. In the 1990s, Australian scientist Frank Ng and his Monash University colleagues came up with this concept.

Amino acids #177-191 were studied extensively by this group in 1993 and 1994, and scientists confirmed their findings:

  • Subjects achieved lean body mass through decreasing adipose tissue mass.
  • Body mass index (BMI) decreased.
  • Low glucose to triglyceride/fatty acid conversion in HGH shows anti-lipogenic action, which means less fat appears in the body.

Interestingly, AOD-9604 has shown to be more potent than HGH in the above-mentioned third effect! The amino acids #177-191 (a.k.a. AOD-9401) likewise show less potency than AOD-9604 in lowering lipogenesis and increasing the process of burning fat.

What is AOD-9604’s Mode Of Action?

Experts previously thought that both HGH and AOD-9604’s fat-destroying effects were due to their interaction with beta-3-adrenergic receptors in the body. But when specialists tested the idea in animals that did not have these receptors, it did not hold:

In beta(3)-AR knock-out mice, therapy with hGH and AOD9604 for an extended period failed to elicit the same weight loss and rise in lipolysis as in wild-type control animals, proving the significance of beta(3)-AR.

The beta(3)-AR knock-out mice increased their energy consumption and fat oxidation in a short-term trial using AOD9604. Although hGH and AOD9604 boost beta(3)-AR expression, which may ultimately contribute to improved lipolytic sensitivity, beta (3)- AR does not primarily mediate their lipolytic activities. AOD-9604 effectively promotes receptor dimerization and activation (no competition with HGH). When combined with HGH, this fragment has fat-burning and tissue healing properties, but it does not promote growth or pre-diabetic consequences. AOD-9604 inhibits adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase function to boost adipocyte lipolysis. AOD-9604 provides the following benefits over HGH since it does not react with growth hormone receptors:

  • Doesn’t raise levels of IGF-1.
  • Insulin resistance does not occur as a result of this.
  • It is ineffective in promoting muscular development.

AOD-9604’s primary and complete mechanism for fat mobilization or fat cell death inside adipose tissue is unknown since stimulation of beta-3-adrenergic receptors seems to be a secondary mechanism of AOD-9604.

Benefits of AOD-9604

Insulin resistance and blood sugar levels are unaffected by AOD 9604, which is its most significant advantage. It’s unfair to compare this therapy to weight loss by diet and exercise in the obese population. However, that doesn’t imply that subjects should avoid working out or keeping an eye on their food. Supplementing with these two will assist issues in losing weight and help them burn more calories.

Scientists have used this anti-obesity peptide in treating osteoarthritis for many years. In addition, since it has euphoric effects on the user, it may be an effective antidepressant. AOD 9604’s usefulness in muscle-building has been questioned by specific experts, although the medication’s effectiveness remains. If you are interested in confirming or denying any of the discoveries mentioned above, you can find AOD-9604 for sale online, for research purposes only.
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