Why Headless Commerce is Winning an Audience: From “Let’s do it” to “Action” 

Imagine a system that is helping to streamline your e-commerce business, along with recuperating the entire digital experience. Not only that, it saves your precious time and money by decoupling the technical functionality from the part of your website the customers see. 

That’s what you will get with headless commerce, which will help you to augment your sales by having an easier to customize front end. In turn, you will be ahead of the competitors by equipping the business with all new front-end sales methods. 

In this article, we will take a look at the nitty-gritty of headless commerce and why it’s gradually becoming the go-to choice for e-commerce business holders. 

So, are you ready to learn the secret of six-figure players?

Here we go.

What is headless commerce?

Headless commerce detangles the technical back-end functionality from the front end for an e-commerce application. This means, your developers have the liberty to build or change anything. Additionally, they can use external publishing tools for presenting content on any channel. 

Headless commerce’s work is centralized within a realm of technology. It is known as MACH, which means:

  • Microservices– To solve any specific issue, there are small modular software systems. Consequently, they communicate and run smoothly with the other components present in your system. 
  • API-first–  API or Application Programming Interface allows the different microservice elements of your system to interact seamlessly. Besides, it also allows you to distribute the same content to different devices. This ensures a consistent brand message from your end. 
  • Cloud-native– Cloud-based systems use SaaS for hosting and storing your data. It is an affordable option that ensures functionality always stays up to date. It means you have unlimited options to scale your business. 
  • Headless– Using the headless CMS or Content Management System, you can publish your content to multiple channels without affecting the back-end system. 

Headless commerce is widely used because of its ability to create a seamless buying experience across all channels. Not only that, the omnichannel capability will allow you to show a brand message throughout the marketing collateral. We will discuss this in the following paragraphs. 

In the year 2020, nearly 88% of the customers shopping online decided to abandon their shopping cart. To prevent this scenario, the entire process needs to be seamless. This is what, headless commerce comes into the picture. 

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between traditional e-commerce and headless commerce. 

Difference between traditional e-commerce and headless commerce 

Traditional E-commerce  Headless Commerce 
The back-end process is tied with front-end processes.  Back-end processes are decoupled from front-end processes. 
Customization can be done, but that is centralized only within predefined front-end tools.  One can limitlessly customize and personalize. 
Front-end development cost is lower. Front-end development cost is higher.
Sometimes, it offers an omnichannel experience. Offers omnichannel experience all the time.
Flexibility is limited. It has more flexibility. 

Benefits of using headless commerce

Irrespective of your business’s magnitude, you should consider headless commerce. It is true that traditional e-commerce platforms offer front-end tools, which enable fast deployments for small-size companies. However, many businesses are now hiring software developers for decoupling the front end from the back end. 

For instance, you are using Shopify for your business and you want to publish your content to multiple channels. You can simply incorporate Shopify CMS integration into your front end. Here, the success of headless commerce underlies. 

  • Omni-channel experience– If a consumer is shopping on a mobile device, PC, or using any digital medium; omnichannel sales are possible then. Many traditional e-commerce platforms declare that they are offering an omnichannel experience, but that’s not necessarily true. On the other hand, headless-commerces allows developers to build the front end for a new sales channel when they need the same. Considering various points, adding new digital sales channels to the entire e-commerce can brew magnificent results. 
  • Full front-end customization– You already know that present-day e-commerce platforms offer few customization options and that too are confined within the front-end tools of the same business. On the contrary, headless commerce provides limitless potential on the front end. It includes IoT tools, which can be integrated into the headless CX platform. 
  • Flexibility– We saw how the customers’ buying habits rapidly changed during COVID-19. On that note, front-end sales tools can be flexible to meet new demands and problems. It includes redesigning advertisements and pick-up and delivery options, getting a keen look at what channels customers are using to buy products/services. If your business’s customer base is changing overnight, a headless e-commerce platform can change accordingly with them. Isn’t that great? 
  • Personalized customer experience– Consumers want personalized experiences, which will fit their needs and purchasing desires. With headless commerce platforms, companies can tune the front-end sales to match customer preferences. Additionally, it creates covalent relationships between the customer and the company by enhancing the retention rates at the same time. 
  • Accentuating conversion rate– You may wonder that after instilling all the procedures, there is no sign of reducing bounce rate. The website lacks a sense of excitement. Headless commerce can handle this mellifluously which results in enhanced personalization and flexibility. Therefore, developers can create exciting avenues like individualized promotions, interactive experiences, etc. This sense of excitement translates into a 2X more conversion rate across all the channels. 

So what do I use as a front-end? 

If you decide to go with headless ecommerce, you’ll need to build a front end for your store. Of course this means you can go entirely custom hiring a development team, but there are front end builders out there specifically designed for headless commerce platforms, like Strapi and Shogun.

Is E-commerce moving towards headless?

Well, it cannot be said either that every 8 out of 10 people are incorporating headlessness into their business or something. However, headless commerce offers an improved user experience that you don’t want to miss. With a headless system, your team can pick the back-end system, which will work best for them. Considering all the factors, it can be said that headless commerce systems will occupy the market in the near future, as it is brutally effective to gain maximum customer satisfaction. 

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