Tips for Planning a Successful Business Conference

Any large event takes careful planning and organization. With so many moving parts, a business conference, in particular, takes a lot of attention to detail. From choosing a date and venue to booking vendors, there are many factors to consider when planning a successful conference.

If you have been tasked with planning a business conference, dedicate time to planning and getting all of your thoughts together before beginning to book. Spending a little extra time at the planning stage can really make the event come together smoothly. Consider the following tips as you plan a business conference:

Set a Clear Purpose and Budget

The first step in planning any event is to be clear about the purpose of the event. Why are you planning this specific business conference? Perhaps it is an annual conference that is expected, or perhaps your company is making a big announcement, like a new product or service launch. Whatever the purpose, keep that in mind when ironing out the rest of the details.
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Also consider the budget at this early stage. The purpose will affect the number of attendees, which will greatly impact the budget. Once you have an idea of the purpose and budget, you can move onto the other details of the conference.

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Choose a Convenient Date and Venue

The date of the conference is one of the first decisions that will need to be made. Be sure that the date you choose does not interfere with any other company or industry events. Once the date is chosen, you can shop around for venues that are available on your preferred dates. 

Be sure that your venue can accommodate the number of attendees you are expecting. Also be sure your venue has the layout and technology that you need.

Book a Quality Speaker and Entertainment

Once the date and venue are decided, you can move onto the actual content of the conference. With a date and place, you can reach out to potential speakers, whether they are within your company or industry experts from outside your company.

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An additional tip is not to neglect the benefit of entertainment at your conference. A bit of lightheartedness can really bring your conference to the next level. Consider booking some entaintaint for a lunch break or optional evening networking event. Options include cover bands, oldies artists, and impersonators.  

Arrange Vendors

After you have the major details nailed down, book your vendors and be sure that they are able to provide exactly what you need. Caterers, rental companies, and technology service providers are just a few of the vendors you may consider in your planning. 

Market the Conference

Finally, once you have everything booked and a clear agenda, be sure to market your conference. Get the word out throughout your company and/or industry in the ways that would reach the most people, whether through email, online ads, or print ads, to name a few.

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Don’t underestimate the amount of time and the attention that goes into planning a successful business conference. If you follow the tips listed above, you will certainly have an outstanding conference.
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