HealthTap – Primary Care Home

HealthTap is a national virtual Primary care home provider, making quality, affordable healthcare accessible to all Americans. For just $15 per month, customers get their own long-term doctor of choice who will guide them through all their ongoing health needs with precision.

For members who are uncertain if they need to see a doctor, HealthTap provides an AI-powered symptom checker. It provides intelligent explanations of potential causes and, if needed, next steps in healthcare.

Continuity of Care

As a patient, continuity of care means having one doctor who can provide ongoing management. This includes taking an extensive view of your health status, including any medications you may be taking.

Maintaining continuity of care for chronic illnesses is especially critical. By doing so, you ensure the most suitable treatment for your condition.

Management continuity for patients is determined by several system elements, such as the structure of the healthcare system and how services are delivered and coordinated. It also depends on communication between clinicians and other healthcare professionals for an optimal experience.

Relational continuity refers to a continuing connection between patients and their primary healthcare provider, usually the family physician (GP). Patients value this form of continuity because it unites past and present care while offering them predictability and security about the future.

Access to Ongoing Behavioral & Mental Health Care

Behavioral health conditions are a leading cause of chronic illness and poor health outcomes. That’s why the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prioritized redesigning primary care to address behavioral health needs.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created incentives for integration of behavioral health and medical care through Accountable Care Organizations, health homes, and other structures. While these provisions offer various opportunities to expand access to behavioral health services, many remain unrealized.

Unfortunately, many persons suffering from mental illnesses and substance use disorders lack adequate insurance coverage. Furthermore, patients often have limited treatment options due to long wait times and difficult transportation options.

HealthTap provides members with comprehensive behavioral and mental health care through their telehealth platform. Simply logging on allows users to submit questions and request an appointment with a doctor.

Savings on Prescriptions

HealthTap provides a number of services to help you save on prescriptions. You can request prescriptions from doctors in the HealthTap network and have them sent directly to your local pharmacy.

HealthTap’s network of doctors are board-certified physicians and have undergone an extensive verification process. Furthermore, they possess experience providing online primary care to patients of all ages.

For only $15 a month, you can subscribe to HealthTap Prime membership and gain access to primary care for $39 per visit (or your insurance copay) and urgent care appointments at just $49.

This can be an efficient way to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office or emergency room. Additionally, those without insurance may find this service beneficial as a helpful resource.

Personalized Care

HealthTap Primary Care Home offers a convenient and cost-effective way to receive personalized, high-quality healthcare at an affordable monthly fee. Our doctors provide assistance with many health issues, medications, and lab orders via video appointment.

Our doctors are licensed in both the U.S. and Canada, with extensive experience in primary care. They are friendly, compassionate, and passionate about helping patients with their acute medical needs as well as providing ongoing support.

Furthermore, they communicate clearly and patient-friendly language in their live video visits and clinical notes (SOAP notes). They possess expertise in managing conditions common in primary care settings and enjoy practicing from the convenience of their homes or any location with good internet connection and quiet workspace.

As a result, patients are more likely to stick with their treatment regimens. This was the inspiration behind HealthTap founder Ron Gutman’s initiative; he had observed that up to 50% of those on medical regimens didn’t adhere to them consistently and wanted to change this statistic.

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