Leaving An Abusive Marriage- What You Need To Know

Domestic violence often happens silently but can adversely affect a person’s life. Anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse regardless of age, gender, race, caste, etc. You might think an intimate partner would not wish harm upon you. However, research shows that nearly 20 people get abused by their spouses every minute. 

The statistics are scary to look at, so it is necessary to understand the steps to protect yourself. It is easy to ask the victim to leave the relationship, but it is often not that easy. If you are stuck in a bad and abusive marriage and need to escape, consult with a lawyer today to know your options regarding Restraining Orders

Tips for leaving an abusive marriage 

  • Prepare for an emergency. 

If you know your partner’s abusive behavior and how dangerous it can get, you should be prepared for an emergency. This includes identifying the safe rooms or spaces in your house or being alert for signs when your partner is getting upset. If you have children in the house, you should teach them an emergency signal to let them know when you are in danger. 

  • Have a place to stay before you leave the house. 

Leaving the house or the marriage is not easy when you are with an abusive personality. You do not want to run away from your house and end up on the streets with no place to go. Remember to not go to a place your abuser is aware of, such as your parents’ or friends’ place. You do not want to put your family or friends in danger because of you. 

To be safe, stay somewhere your abusive partner has no idea about and has never visited. Be sure to turn off your location on all your devices so they cannot track you. 

  • Get a restraining order. 

One of the first things you should do after you escape from the abusive household visits a lawyer and file a restraining order. A restraining order against the abuser will give you some sense of safety. However, a mentally disturbed person may even ignore the order and continue their attempt to hurt you. 

If your abusive partner tries to approach or contact you after you have got a restraining order against them, be sure to inform the police about it every time they do it. 

Getting out of an abusive marriage is certainly not easy, but it is not impossible either. You should not give in to your abuser and live a miserable life. Contact an attorney today. 

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