Questions To Ask A Las Vegas Brain Injury Lawyer Before Allowing Them To Present You

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from a bump, blow, or similar head injury. TBI symptoms can either be seen immediately or even show effects over time. Some severe symptoms include temporary or permanent weakening of thinking, memory, movement, sensation, emotional functioning, etc. In some cases, TBI can even cause death. 

Overall, a TBI affects both the individual who endured the injury and their entire family. This is the reason one should not take such an incident lightly. If someone’s negligence caused you a brain injury, you deserve accountability and compensation to cover losses. In such matters, it is best to involve a brain injury attorney in Las Vegas.

Awareness concerning TBI is increasing, but many people lack knowledge and guidance on the matter. Lawyers working with Ace Law Group understand the severity of such cases and thus give their undivided attention to the victim. They are never afraid to take serious steps to ensure you receive fair compensation. So, if you are looking for a TBI lawyer, do consider them. 

Finding the correct type of lawyer

Indeed, finding a suitable brain injury lawyer is not easy. You need someone who gives you time and confidence to win the case. To find such a lawyer, asking as many questions as possible during the first meet is recommended. However, don’t just stick to questions about the compensation amount. It is essential for sure, but there is a lot more that you must discuss before making any decision. 

Questions worth asking a Las Vegas brain injury lawyer

  • How many brain injury cases have you handled so far?
  • Have you handled cases similar to mine before?
  • What, in your opinion, are the strengths and weaknesses of my TBI case?
  • What medical treatments should be taken into account?
  • Will I receive compensation for long-term treatments, medications and therapies?
  • Will my claim cover my lost wages and future income if I cannot work because of my brain injury?
  • Do you consult a brain specialist?
  • How will you determine the compensation amount in my case?
  • How much compensation were you able to secure for clients with injuries similar to mine?

Instead of hiring the first Las Vegas lawyer you meet, take your time and talk to a few suitable attorneys. Compare their experience level and the answers they provide to the questions mentioned above. You should work with someone who seems assuring and will be working to get the best outcome in your case.

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