Injured in Cedar Rapids: Avoid these personal injury claim mistakes

No matter whether you suffered injuries in a truck accident in Cedar Rapids or have endured the consequences of medical malpractice, you may have a valid personal injury claim. While the laws are meant to help you, things can go wrong if you don’t take the right steps. In this post, we are sharing the mistakes you must avoid after getting injured in Cedar Rapids.

  1. Not paying your medical bills: Unless the other side is ordered by the court to do so, you are liable for your medical bills and expenses. If you are dealing with a financial situation, consider submitting the medical bills to your insurance company, which will pay for the same until you get paid. You can reimburse the insurance company when you get the settlement.
  2. Sharing things on social media: Remember that the insurance company will do complete research and investigate the events before making a settlement offer. If you share things on social media, this may impact your case and the compensation you receive. Until your claim is resolved, stay away from social media posts.
  3. Ignoring your injuries: If your doctor has recommended physical therapy, surgery, or any line of treatment, you should adhere to the same. You must aim at maximum medical improvement, or else the other party and their insurer may claim that your injuries have further aggravated because you failed to seek medical care or keep up with the treatment.
  4. Not keeping up with the deadline: As per Iowa’s statute of limitations, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit and must consider settling the case within that time. The insurance claims process, when applicable, is different from civil lawsuits. The two-year deadline is only for lawsuits.
  5. Not hiring an attorney: Many assume they can deal with the situation alone, but that could be a grave mistake. The role of personal injury lawyers is often ignored and overlooked. You should consider talking to the attorney as soon as possible, which will allow enough time for the lawyer to gather information and evidence.

Typically, personal injury lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee and will be willing to evaluate your case for free. Ensure that you hire the right lawyer who has worked on similar personal injury lawsuits and can go to trial with confidence when required. Ask the attorney about your legal options and what you can expect in compensation.  

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