Need an injury lawyer in Glastonbury? Watch for the red flags

The aftermath of an accident in Glastonbury is always confusing and overwhelming, but if it happened because of someone’s fault, you have reasons to be angry. Once you receive medical care and feel a tad better, you should initiate the process of recovering compensation from the other party, which requires filing an insurance claim in most circumstances. While you should inform the insurance carrier immediately, don’t negotiate the settlement unless you have legal help. You need to find a lawyer nearby who specializes in personal injury law in Connecticut and can offer their expertise. If you have never worked with an injury lawyer, this may seem daunting, but we are here with a list of red flags you should watch out for.

They have no time

When you are injured and in distress because of the losses related to an accident, you want someone who can prioritize your needs. If you called an injury lawyer and got no response from their office, don’t wait for another week. The first call and the initial response say a lot about their attitude and work ethics.

They are ready to lie or overstate your injuries

No matter the situation, an injury lawyer is expected to work in sync with their professional standards. If you find that a lawyer is entirely okay with lying about facts or intends to inflate specific details to get you a higher settlement, don’t hire them. The insurance company and the other party will investigate things and uncover facts, which means that the strategy of your attorney is likely to fail.

They promise an outcome

While injury lawyers know what it takes to evaluate precise details and can improve the scope of getting a fair outcome, they cannot promise something in advance. Personal injury law is complex, and there are elements in each case that are beyond a lawyer’s control. Don’t work with someone who wants to make you believe in all the rosy things.

They don’t work on a contingency fee

An injury lawyer in Connecticut is not supposed to charge you a fee until you win, and this is known as the contingency arrangement, where the outcome determines their share. Never choose to pay an hourly rate or a retainer fee when it comes to an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit in court.

Your injury lawyer is supposed to be your most trusted aide for dealing with the legal aspects.

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