Grill Pans 101: Care and Maintenance

A grill pan is one of the must-haves of every home owner. This versatile kitchen equipment allows you to prepare a wide range of delicious meals with exquisite chargrilled patterns.

However, maintaining grill pans can be a challenging task. So, if you are interested in learning how to maintain and care for your grill pan properly, this article will provide you with the things that you must and must not do.

The Right Way to Use a Grill Pan

  • Use in a moderate heat

When grilling foods in grill pans, it is critical to avoid using extreme temperatures. Meals take a bit more time to prepare since there is less engagement with the iron. So, if your temperature is set too high, the external surface of your meat will start burning long before the internal surface is cooked.

So, medium to medium-high temperature is ideal because it produces grill marks while ensuring that the meats are cooked evenly to attain the interior quality you want. Generally, the denser the beef, the lower the heat you should use.

  • Preheat first the pan before cooking

When using grill pans, you will probably utilize every inch of the work surface. Thoroughly preheating grill pans will ensure that the grates on the outlying boroughs have been set with the correct temperature to fry and grill correctly. In most cases, before using the pan, you must wait at least 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Do not use sugar excessively

Sugar does not usually mix nicely with heated cast iron. So, before putting in your grill pans, it is important to clean or wipe off any sugary or viscous seasoning blends from your meal.

Finishing meals with a coat of sauces on a traditional grill is common, but that can be not easy to prevent burning and adhering to a pan. So, if you are going when using sauce, maintain the temperature moderate and add it at the very end of the dish preparation.

The Right Way to Cleaning a Grill Pan

Allow your pan to settle until it is warm to touch after using it. Fill it halfway with boiling water and set it aside for about a minute or two. You can use a non-scratch scouring pad as your cleaning tool.

Compressing the cushion to accommodate pan grates goes effectively for many grill pans. When cleaning with the scouring cushions in harsher conditions, add a pinch of kosher salt. These two should be the only items you need if you follow the recommendations of avoiding excessive high heat and sugar.

You might have to use additional warm liquid soap towards the end, based on how dirty your pan is. However, the general rule is to get your grill pan as clean as possible before washing it with liquid soap and warm water.

Final thoughts:

A cast iron grill pan is an essential piece of equipment in your kitchen, whether handed down through the years or recently bought. However, once you are done using the pan to prepare your meal, do you know how to wash and maintain your grill pans properly?

With proper care and good handling, these pans can survive even your most robust non-stick or wrought iron pans. To let grill pans outlast, you must follow the tips above. By ensuring that you properly care for your grill pans, you will surely enjoy and utilize the benefits of the equipment for the years to come.

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