Fatal Pedestrian Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

A large number of people are killed in pedestrian accidents daily. People in such accidents experience severe injuries that sometimes lead to loss of life. If your loved one died due to a pedestrian collision, you are entitled to take legal action against a responsible motorist. However, it is necessary to have an efficient lawyer from Holcomb Law, LLLC on your side so that you can make the required legal decisions without worrying about the potential harm of making the wrong decision.

Three Common reasons why settle pedestrian accidents

Most pedestrian collisions take place at intersections, stop symbols, stops of school buses, urban localities, etc. generally take place at night time as visibility is affected due to the time. In some cases, the pedestrians hold partial fault regarding the accident. Generally, the collision takes place as a negligence conduct of the motorists. Some of the commonly observed causes of collisions are as follows.

  • Over speeding

Pedestrians are faced with death due to the impact of speeding by motorists on the road. The impact force is heightened when the motor tries to operate the vehicle at high speeds. If they end up hitting a pedestrian, the impact experienced by then will be higher as well. This can lead to dangerous accidents. The damage caused by vehicles traveling at high speeds will be more dangerous than by vehicles traveling at slow speeds.

  • Driving with distractions.

Many drivers end up texting or talking to others on their phones while driving. This is known as distracted driving or driving with a distraction. It leads to fatal consequences and accidents among motorists on the road. People are highly discouraged from engaging in any apps that require attention. The only way to drive a car safely is to be mindful of other people on the road to avoid life-altering situations. 

  • Driving under the influence

Many people tend to operate their vehicles no matter how intoxicated they are. This leads to dangerous accidents as drivers under the influence drive their vehicles recklessly and engage in dangerous behaviors like speeding, failure and yelling, etc. The influence leads to a lapse in judgment and visibility. As a result, the drivers end up doing things That can have life-altering consequences. All drivers are discouraged from consuming anything that can be considered an intoxicating substance on the road. Additionally, driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance is a criminal offense. 

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