Pitchers: A Brand New Season With Intriguing Challenges Of The Start-Up World

Pitcherswas first released in 2015. Arunabh Kumar was the show’s director, and Biswapati Sarkar was the writer. The audience loved the first season of the series a lot. In season 1, there are 5 episodes, and almost all of them have received more than 1 million views. Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal are the four friends who appear in the series. To launch their own start-up they all left their 9 to 5 jobs. The situations they encounter throughout the process are the focus of Season 1.

Vaibhav Bundhoo is the director of the new season, and the narrative begins 2.5 years later following the launch of their tech business, PRAGATI. AI. With a team of 25 now, the Pitchers are seeking investors to help them take their start-up to new heights. Naveen instructs the two business partners to prepare for a new pitch as they attend large conferences and upscale party locations for more exposure. Abhishek Banerjee also makes an appearance in the montage and is seen imparting some of his “Gyan” to Naveen. Despite welcoming his coworkers to a new workplace as the company’s founder, Naveen appears to lose his dream as the financial crisis worsens.

A news source mentioned Naveen Kasturia saying, “The series will always be special to me. I received an indescribable amount of love and respect as a result of that show. Fans continued to adore you despite the passage of time. We had to give in because they kept pressuring us to return with another season. The series is about dreaming bigger and expanding our start-up, whereas S1 is about taking that leap of faith and quitting our jobs to launch our own business. As our start-up family grows, the risks increase. I can’t wait for our fans to support us even more during this epic journey in the next chapter and force TVF to renew for a new season.”

Pitchers is like coming home,” said Abhishek Banerjee. “I started my web series journey with Bhati’s character in the first season. Fans kept asking me about the return of the series no matter how many roles I played after it, so here we are at last with a  brand new trailer. still tell the story of likable characters who have real problems, big dreams, and even bigger determination to succeed—despite the fact that the boys have graduated from beer to whiskey and from starting a business to growing it.

Actor Ridhi Dogra also stated that “The comedy series has garnered a lot of love and admiration over the years, and as an. I couldn’t wait to jump onto the bandwagon of the fan-favorite franchise. While the story is primarily about the start-up world, the aspirations, dreams, and hope it expresses are universal and apply to anyone who has dreams and aspires to fulfill them. This is what drew me to be a part of the project. I’m excited to be a part of that franchise because my role in the program connects these friends’ aspirations with the harsh realities of capitalism.”

On December 23, 2022, the highly anticipated comedy-drama series will premiere globally on the ZEE5 streaming services. Only ZEE5 premium members can have direct access to all episodes of the new season of Pitchers.

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