9 Tips On What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

Imagine you have hit a pothole, and your car is damaged badly in the middle of a highway, or the tire blows out. The engine starts to emit smoke, and the motor starts burning. Such unfortunate incidents happen, and cause scares among drivers. A situation like this causes panic among drivers. Well, it is good to be prepared before having extended warranty insurance.

There is no need to panic with many qualified roadsides and towing companies in the market. You should take the following steps to control the situation before help reaches you.

1. Move aside the road.

The first step to be taken while your car has trouble on the road is to move aside. Try moving by the side of the road before the vehicle stops. Don’t cause any traffic, carefully park your car at the side. Don’t park or stop on the opposite side of the bridges, roads, or narrow streets. It would help if you used an exit, an emergency lane or a parking lot. 

2. Communicate with other drivers

After reaching a safe place, communicate with other drivers about the situation and seek help. You can also use hazard lights to give signals. Usually, the red triangle signifies the hazard button in the car. This will help passersby know you are seeking help.

3. Refrain from deserting the vehicle when in traffic

Don’t leave your car abandoned on the road except in dangerous situations. If you can’t, move your vehicle to the side of the road, stay in the car or be cautious if you are getting out.
rivers who experience difficulty trying to solve their problem by abandoning the car and going to fix things can be dangerous and can cause damage to both the motor and the driver.

4. Exit the car safely.

Be cautious while exiting the car, especially if your car’s exit is towards the side of traffic. Refrain from opening the door in between the traffic. Wait, look around and then open the door.

5. Expand the visibility of your problem

This means indicating the moving traffic you are in problem and trying to resolve. If you are in danger or in a misty, foggy area, putting on the hazard light may not be visible; hence you can use flares and hazard triangles to increase visibility.

6. Call for help

There are a lot of companies that provide roadside assistance to vehicles during such incidents. You could call their number and seek help. These companies offer support to cars in emergencies. They provide services like changing the tire, towing and jump-starting. Seeking help from a roadside assistance company is wise.

7. Do not leave your car behind.

Always be near your car, don’t move far away from it. Refrain from seeking backing from the public of that area. Drivers should stay close to the vehicle during such times.

8. Have emergency supplies and materials in the car

Always be well-equipped and ready for such incidents. Carry enough backup like a blanket, torch, extra tire, first aid kit, snacks and sufficient water in the car. It will help if your vehicle fails at remote locations far from any significant town and roadside assistance. In addition, every car must have a jack, jumper cables, and a simple repair tool kit.

9. Buy extended warranty Insurance.

An extended car warranty insurance is offered to vehicle owners once their original manufacturer’s car warranty has expired. Extended warranties provide the safety that assists with unforeseen electrical failure or mechanical breakdown.

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