Red Shield Administration Highlights The Benefits Of Having A Vehicle Protection Plan

Vehicle protection plans are meant to protect consumers from unexpected repair and replacement costs in the future. These are contracts between service providers and vehicle owners. The latter agrees to pay premiums in full, while the service provider agrees to pay for repairs and replacements covered in the contract. 

Red Shield Administration offers amazing vehicle protection plans to meet the unique coverage needs of different types of clients. This includes the WRAP, Premium, Premier, Powertrain, and Preferred plans. The WRAP and Premier plans are exclusionary contracts offering bumper-to-bumper coverage, while the Premium, Powertrain, and Preferred plans are inclusionary contracts that only cover what is stated in the contract. When looking for a suitable policy, consumers are advised to pay attention to the inclusions, exclusions, and premiums before making a decision. 

The Benefits of Having a Vehicle Protection Plan

1. Peace of Mind

A vehicle protection plan is meant to fill coverage gaps. This means that vehicle owners can have peace of mind knowing they are sufficiently covered against every possible liability. The policy covers anything that’s not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and auto insurance. 

Secondly, all the vehicle protection plans from Red Shield Administration come with free towing, roadside assistance, and free rental car service. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, you can be assured of getting roadside assistance both day and night, as well as during public holidays and weekends. This means that drivers can have peace of mind when driving their vehicles. 

2. Avoid Huge Lump sum Payments

When a vehicle develops a major breakdown, replacing costly components may be beyond the owner’s reach. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to replace costly components when repairing your vehicle, consider buying a vehicle protection plan. Red Shield Administration accepts small convenient installments, which anyone can pay comfortably as the payments are spread out over time.

3. Fill Gaps in Coverage

The beauty of having a vehicle protection plan is that it plugs any coverage gaps. While manufacturer’s warranties usually offer extensive coverage, they do not cover everything. Auto insurance policies also offer extensive coverage, but there are still some coverage gaps. You must consider your needs when comparing vehicle protection plans, as this will help you pick a suitable plan for your coverage needs. 

4. Save Time

A vehicle protection plan can save you a lot of time. Imagine waiting several hours by the roadside for a local auto mechanic to come to your rescue. You’ll also have to wait several more hours for your vehicle to be fixed.

With a vehicle protection plan, you only need to report your emergency and wait a few minutes for the roadside assistance team to arrive. You’ll also be provided with a free rental car, so you can continue your trip without wasting any more time. 

5. Save Money

A vehicle protection plan can save you money in many ways. First, free towing, roadside assistance, and car rental service are offered as a courtesy to every client. When your vehicle breaks down, you will not waste any money on renting a car or paying for the tow truck. In addition to saving time, which can be equated to saving money, you’ll also avoid spending hard-earned cash on the tow truck and hiring a rental car. 

It is also important to note that you can also save on repair costs because all repair costs are usually negotiated beforehand. Without a protection plan, you will be at the mercy of auto mechanics, who will charge you whatever they want. The vehicle protection plan will help you save on future unexpected repairs.

6. Increase the Value of Your Car

A vehicle with a valid vehicle protection plan is considered more valuable than vehicles that don’t have a valid vehicle protection plan. It is important to note that all Red Shield Administration vehicle protection plans are transferable, so if you want to sell your vehicle, you can be assured of selling it at a higher price. One way to attract decent offers when selling your vehicle is to purchase a bumper-to-bumper vehicle protection plan. 

7. Get Effective Repairs

A picture of a vehicle that is being repaired with a protection plan from Red Shield Administration.

Red Shield Administration has a team of competent mechanics who are carefully recruited. When customers file a claim, these mechanics are usually dispatched to offer assistance. This means that clients can expect to get effective repair services. 

If certain parts have to be replaced, the highest quality spare parts are typically used. The mechanics are usually instructed to use genuine auto parts, so you can be assured of having your vehicle repaired effectively. 

8. Choose Your Preferred Repair Shop

The beauty of Red Shield Administration vehicle protection plans is that they allow you to continue using your preferred repair shop for maintenance and repairs. If your vehicle breaks down far away from home, you will not have to shop around for a suitable mechanic. You only need to file a claim and wait for a response team to rescue you. This can be highly convenient and can save you a lot of time. 

While there are many other service providers in the industry, none can match what Red Shield Administration offers. The company has streamlined its online claims process, making it much easier for consumers to file a claim. Aside from the online claims process, you can also file a claim over the phone, as the normal emergency lines are still available. A team of customer support staff is always on standby to offer assistance both day and night to ensure there is always somebody to respond to emergency calls.

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