What Should You Do When Facing A Side Impact Collision?

Often, accidents result in severe injuries and damage. While these injuries and damages can be minimized by taking a few precautions, people generally need to learn how to deal with common injuries. Such is the case with side-impact collisions. Side-impact collisions often occur when the front end of your vehicle crashes into another car or vice versa. 

The most common form of injury resulting from a side-impact collision is traumatic brain injury(TBI). If you have been injured due to someone else’s fault, you must contact Sullivan & Galleshaw for legal assistance and to build a case. Besides legal aid, knowing what to do when encountering a side-impact collision accident would be beneficial. 

How to deal with a side-impact collision?

  • Medical support 

It may sound redundant, but securing medical support immediately after the accident is the first step the victim must take. Most victims do not call for medical help after encountering an accident. Assuming you can deal with the situation first and seek medical support later will only cause you harm. 

Even if you were not injured, you must call for medical help. The trauma and shock from the accident can affect your physical injuries and affect your mental health. In many cases, it takes a few days or weeks for the symptoms of injuries to appear. Hence, seeking medical help at the earliest will be ideal. 

  • Legal authorities and insurance company 

The next step towards dealing with the accident is to inform legal authorities like the local police department or county sheriff. It will help if you obtain a written report from the police station as it can later help you with the insurance company. 

After informing the police, you should call your insurer and update them about the situation. It would help if you did not neglect to inform your insurance company. Otherwise, the risk of your insurance claim being denied will rise significantly. 

  • Evidence handling 

The court and insurance company will only approve the victim’s claim if they have enough evidence to support their case. In such cases, you should try to collect evidence from the accident scene. You can click pictures of the accident scene and use them when applying for compensation. Photographic evidence can be held credible in court and with the insurance company. 

  • Lawyers

Most victims cannot gather and handle evidence from the accident scene due to their injuries. As a result, it will be most helpful for the victim to hire a lawyer from Sullivan & Galleshaw. Lawyers can obtain and handle evidence effectively. Also, the lawyer can take care of the insurance company and ensure that the victim gets fair compensation. 

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