Take care of your skin to be beautiful like a beauty queen

A beautiful girl if she has good skin that glows with aura. not sensitive skin It will look 10 times more beautiful. During this period, facial care is more “hot” than other surgeries because it is a way to help you become more beautiful without using a lancet. Let’s take a look at how to take care of the skin like a high-class woman who is popular now.

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1. Aladdin Peeling

The name “Aladdin Pilling” comes from the raven used to warm the skin peeling pill that looks like an Aladdin lamp. This method is a peeling of the epidermis, which is more special than the base peeling. because it uses a roller with a small needle and enriched with skin rejuvenating substances called MICRO SPOCULE

Aladdin Peeling is good for treating acne. It also helps to brighten the skin tone. and treat redness caused by acne as well.

It also enhances the therapeutic effect when combined with other treatments, including laser, after the face peeling has been applied. Rinse off with plain water and rub it on your face. After a day, wash your face with a cleansing gel as usual. and make-up immediately after the procedure

2. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light IPL)

is a facial treatment that has excellent results and is cheap.

Most dermatologists consider PL to be the best facial treatment compared to the price. IPL is also called “Aura Treatment” because it helps to make the skin look plump and healthy. This method is used to treat freckles, wrinkles. marks and whiten the skin tone It also helps tighten pores as well. The price depends on the quantity and the area where it is done. After the treatment, the skin must be restored. It takes 7 days to recover. skin disadvantage will scab during this period

3. Fraxel

It is a very effective acne treatment with laser. Fraxels cause small scars on the skin. After that, the pores will be full and shallow. Suitable for people with severe acne problems or acne scars, this laser helps to treat acne, scars, large pores, inelastic skin and wrinkles, but only 1-2 treatments will not see results. Need to do it 3-5 times. regularly to see results The cost is therefore high and takes a long time.

I feel more pain than the IPL, but the results are very satisfactory.

4. Double (Double)

The layer of skin that causes deep wrinkles and sagging skin is the skin layer called SMAS, which is 4.5 millimeters deep in the skin. “Wrinkle treatment” is also done on this layer of skin. The double treatment is done by firing high-level ultrasonic waves (HIFU) into the skin of the SMAS layer, transmitting high heat of 60 °C downwards with a needle smaller than 1 mm. The heat will shrink the sagging skin tissue. thus helping to lift and tighten the skin And the skin will recover after 1-3 months of treatment, collagen and elastin will be regenerated.


It is the use of a new 3D Fractional Laser that can transmit energy up, down, front and back, different from basic skin tightening. thus giving excellent treatment results.

6. Thermage CPT

Is to use high heat energy to shoot deep into the skin layer. Make the skin rejuvenate and tighten. High heat will shrink the deteriorated collagen. The skin is elastic and stimulates the creation of new collagen. Therefore, it is used to restore sagging skin and: wrinkles are effective. The results are clearly visible after 3-4 weeks of treatment and the results can last up to 2-3 years. The recovery time is short and there are almost no side effects unlike other wrinkle reduction methods. so the result is long lasting

In addition to the face It is also used to treat wrinkles that lack flexibility in the body, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., as well. At the age of 25, the skin begins to wilt. Sagging skin on the abdomen or at the end of an urgent diet or childbirth This can be solved by using high heat to stimulate the deteriorated fibers. and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in particular This is one of the treatments that is so popular that it is known as the “Cheongdam-dong’s daughter-in-law” (high-so) gave excellent treatment results. it looks natural and does not require recovery time So it’s very popular.

The luster that makes good skin shine with aura.

  1. Apply the essence to add moisture. (Choose the type that contains a small amount of oil. to prevent the moisture in the skin from evaporating)
  2. Apply a makeup base that is one tone lighter than your skin. to make the skin look healthy
  3. Use your fingers to apply foundation all over your face.
  4. Set the foundation with gloss fixer (Fixing spray).
  5. Apply lip gloss in the middle of the lips.
  6. Finished aura makeup.

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