Natural Home Remedies For Hair Growth

In today’s era we have super busy schedules and our lives have become unhealthy, due to which our hair get damaged quite quickly, and then we end up keeping our hair short to keep them maintained. If you also love having long and beautiful hair, these remedies are easy and come in a budget. They do not take a lot of time and effort and ensure maximum hair growth and strength. One of the best solutions for hair loss is cbd oils. Click here to see the best cbd hair growth oils. If you’re not a fan, you can try these instead

Castor Oil Hair Mask

Cold pressed castor oil is best if you want to grow hair even your eyelashes. This one method is fool proof and gives 100% results if you keep using it. One thing you should be careful about, when using castor oil is that if it suits you or not, and how much quantity you use. For some people castor oil is not too good and some say it is not ideal to use directly. You can make several good castor oil hair mask recipes at home, all you need to know is your hair type. To find out hair masks suitable to your hair type, all you need to do is a little research on your hair type on the internet. For good internet we suggest Xfinity internet which comes in different packages in a budget and the best thing about it is that some of the packages are unlimited. So, get you internet subscription now, and download your favorite hair mask recipe now.

Rice Water

Rice water is known to make your hair stronger and longer faster than other methods. The best thing about rice water is that it is easy to apply and can be applied on its own without having to make any hair masks out of it. If you apply rice water to you hair for a month regularly, you will see obvious differences in the length of the hair as well as the texture and strength. All you need to do is soak some rice overnight in a spray bottle, shake it in the morning and spray your hair with it. For best results, you can apply it all night and leave it on until morning. Then shower, and enjoy the results.

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Note: Do not leave it on more than 18 hours, or it can develop bacteria.

Onion Water

If you are someone who has severe hair fall and bald patches, this remedy has helped a lot of people with hair fall issues. Onion water can provide extra sulfur to support thick and strong hair, and it also increases blood supply to the hair follicles which improve hair growth. There are several recipes about onion water hair masks on the internet, which you can make at home and apply to your hair. For more information visit this site: f95zone

It is although best to apply onion water directly to your hair to ensure maximum hair growth, you can do as you please with it. This is the easiest, and most convenient remedy with maximum results.


To grow your hair, the most important part is to massage your scalp. When you massage your scalp with a good hair oil, the blood circulation increases, resulting in better growth and strength of your hair. Women in old times used to comb their hair upside down with a soft comb to increase blood flow in the hair follicles to strengthen their hair. If you want to take care of your hair without investing in any hair care, this step is a must. All you need to have is a soft comb and your hands, start combing your hair upside down and count to hundred. Another thing better than combing your hair is to apply some oil on your fingertips and massaging your scalp with your fingertips with you hair upside down. Even when you shampoo your hair, massage it while washing with a shampoo.

Get Regular Trims

The most important part about hair growth is to also keep your hair growing healthy. We often end up getting long hair, but the ends of our hair look like a broken bird’s nest. To counter this, keep getting your hair trimmed along with other hair growth remedies. Get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks so that when your hair are longer, they are healthy from roots to the tips. Regular trims keep your hair bouncy and thick and prevent them from looking thinner and dead. It also prevents split ends and damage and keeps the style of your hair intact. Apart from that, trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks keeps it lively.

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If you are also a pro long and healthy hair lover, follow these remedies and start taking care of your hair today, you will not only have long and stronger hair, but the look and texture of your hair will also get better.

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