Sharing Beauty Treatments with Our Animal Friends

For years models have been sneaking into feed supply stores and equestrian shops for Bag Balm and Hoof Maker. Now these beneficial products are being sold in drugstores and mass merchandisers everywhere.

Kalaya Oil is one of the oddest moisturizers ever to hit the cosmetic market. It is derived from the “fat back” of the rare Australian bird, the emu.This moisturizer lessens the signs of aging by trapping moisture in the skin.

Hoof Maker is as it sounds, a hoof conditioner for h horses. However, it softens cuticles, heels, and other rough spots. Horse trainers came upon this terrific product by seeing their own positive results. It seems that their nails and cuticles were stronger, longer, and more resilient.

Bag Balm is an emollient used to soothe those poor h cow’s udders that take such a licking in those milking machines. This stuff (it’s very inexpensive) is wonderful on chapped lips and as extra protection during cold weather on hands and face. It’s a must for skiers.

Don’t over-moisturize. Use cream on specific areas.You may not need it all over your face. The cheeks and forehead tend to be drier than the chin.

  1. Choose the right formula for your skin type. More than half of all women misdiagnose their skin type, believing it to be very oily or very dry. It’s highly unusual for a woman’s skin to be either. If moisturizer is too heavy, the result is clogged pores. Moisturizing techniques need to be changed as the seasons change.
  2. Get more from your moisturizer by circulating the skin. Gently tap the face by pretending your face is a piano, and you’re “playing” it.

Lastly comment

Any moisturizer can be stretched by first applying a film of natural vegetable oil as a base. Wait until a moisturizer is completely absorbed before applying foundation. However, if a foundation is a bit dry, moisturizer can loosen it up a bit. The foundation will go on more smoothly is Get The Latest Online website At One Place like Arts Culture, Fashion, movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here and

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