How To Use Memes For Marketing

Memes are the new-age tactics that truly create that hilarious image in our minds. Everyone likes to laugh, and memes are just the perfect way to lighten our mood. The social media platforms are flooded with memes on almost everything and anything. Many brands and businesses have started using these memes in their sales strategies by combining their advertisements with these memes. This makes them more clickable and noticeable. This is, in short, called Meme jacking. Meme jacking is a new trend and has set up new levels of marketing skills. People are incorporating more and more memes into their work and reaping the benefits of a seamless and increased inflow of traffic to their websites. 

What is a Meme?

Memes are catchlines, jokes, or any tagline taken from any particular TV show or program. These are used simply as they were created, or they are also used as responses to any question to create that giggle in your mind. Memes seem quite relatable to our everyday situations and help communicate our feelings or attitudes in just the right manner.

How To Use Memes For Marketing?

Meme marketing is not rocket science and does not require any extreme specialisation. Also, there are no set ground rules, but some points are necessary to be considered when marketing memes. Here are some of the necessary steps which, once taken, can make your brand upscale to newer heights:- 

Target your audience 

Before taking up meme-marketing, the target audience must be understood well in advance so that the memes hit the right kind of people at the right spot. In case your brand is related to educational goals, then incorporating a funny animated meme of a classroom scene or anything like that would be just the right example. Also, the brands must be aware of the fact that there has to be a balance between promotion and engagement, and as such, these two ideas should be well merged with the meme to promote the concept or the brand.

Be authentic 

Any original piece is way more interesting than an already seen content. Maintain the originality of the meme, but make sure that it relates to the audience in such a deep manner that it invokes multiple thoughts in their minds. Understand that memes are funny only when they bridge this communication gap between the audience and the creators. 

Follow the trend

Whether it is a Facebook ad, a celebrity, or any particular topic that is going viral, it is extremely necessary that you follow the trend and are in sync with them. The trending topics are more clickable and generate huge amounts of traffic to the websites because people are always on the lookout for new and upcoming things and not the same repetitive themes going around for ages. 

Optimise the meme according to the current situation

One of the ways in which memes can be created is by using them with respect to any ongoing situation or event which is of universal importance and has aroused the interests of millions of people. These memes can also be used in conjunction with the sales pitches or the email campaigns, and accordingly, they serve the purpose by just hitting the right spot. By trying to use a professional Meme Generator, you can make the process much easier and fun to explore. 

What Are The Potential Benefits of Using Memes?

The previous pattern of reading through texts has gone now, and people are always looking for newer, creative, and visual versions of almost every detail. In short, the world needs faster and more creative content, and memes are just the perfect examples of such kind of promising content. Here are some of the potential benefits of using memes as one of the best social media tactics: 

  • Memes are engaging and fun– The most exciting part about memes is that they are hilarious and easy to share. Many brands have opted for this meme marketing just to attract more customers to their websites because people might get bored due to ads and campaigns, but memes never get old. In fact, the more they are shared and distributed, the more they thrive. 
  • Memes are budget-friendly- Creating memes is not difficult as compared to its competitor strategies such as content, ads, graphics, etc. Generally, all it takes is the help of a few software and a creative mind to produce that content that will outperform all other content.
  • With memes around, the world seems like a big family- Social media has always proven its worth in challenging times. For the past two years, when the country was facing a hyper-sensitive situation, memes have really helped us connect with everyone worldwide. People reacted and shared these memes with open hearts, thereby bringing people closer and nearer.
  • Memes are the kings– The current market scenario compels brands to compete against one another by using innovative practices. Meme marketing has really helped many brands and businesses to reach the top because these memes showcase a different aspect of the brand and create a curiosity in the minds of the consumers. Memes are the actual rescuers when brands are losing their position in the market. In short, memes ignite that hidden spark in you and your brand. 


Memes are indeed life saviours when businesses are losing their position and branding in the market. It is essential to note that memes should have that originality and freshness to drive the people toward these brands’ websites. A good meme should engage with the audience and work on building a sense of togetherness. With memes around, you can never ever be short of content. All it takes is an innovative mind, and there you go – ready to work on a never-ending road of fun, excitement, and a journey worth accomplishing. So, tighten your seat belts and embark upon this never-ending and hilarious ride of memes. 

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