HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

If you’re considering buying a HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tyre Electric Bike, you’ll want to know the exact mileage and price before you make a purchase. Keep reading to learn more about this bike’s features, price, and availability. You’ll also discover how the bike compares to other models. We’ll answer these questions and more to help you decide whether or not this bike is right for you.

Actual mileage of HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike HOVSCO

The Himiway Cruiser is a stylish fat tire electric bike that combines comfort with adaptability for varying cycling conditions. The ride is smooth and dependable thanks to the 840Wh Samsung battery and 750W motor power. Its 26-inch fat tires provide tremendous grip and mechanical stability, and it is the most affordable all terrain electric bike in the North American market. It comes with a backlit display that lets you know how far you have ridden, how much your battery has left, and more.

The fat-tire electric bike comes packaged in a sturdy carton box with zip-ties and protective foam. It features a removable handlebar, front wheel, and battery. You also get a convenient accessory box that includes pedals, a 2.0A battery charger, and user-friendly instructions. The fat-tire electric bike is massive in size, with an appearance that belies its lower price.

The HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tyre Electric Bike is equipped with a powerful 500-watt geared rear hub motor. It can handle steep hills and sand terrain, and can reach up to 20 mph. The bike comes with a cadence sensor that senses your pedaling and powers the motor. Its 48V12Ah Lithium-Ion battery can last for around 30 miles. A full charge lasts between four and six hours.

Price of HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike HOVSCO

This electric mountain bike has a 500-watt geared rear hub engine that can handle muddy trails, sand and hills. It can reach a top speed of 20 mph and has a cadence sensor that makes pedaling easier and more efficient. This bike has a 48V12Ah Lithium-Ion battery that holds up to 30 miles of riding. It charges in 4 to 6 hours.

It features a Bafanga Ultra mid-drive motor, also known as a “smart motor.” This technology provides constant feedback to the rider so that he can better control the bike’s speed. This bike also features a Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing gearing system to make climbing steep hills effortless. The price of HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike HOVSCO includes shipping and warranty.


This fat tire electric bike comes in a big carton box with protective foam and zip ties for transporting it. It comes with an extra battery, a charger, pedals, and a user-friendly instruction manual. It is not exactly the sexiest bike in the market, but it looks massive compared to other bikes in its price range.

Powered by a 48V 4.5Ah Panasonic battery, the bike can travel for thirty miles on a single charge. If you want to go further, pedaling can extend that range to 50 miles. The HovAlpha 26 All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike HOVSCO features adjustable air suspension forks and rear-wheel suspension. Its braking system has 203mm rotors and Tektro 730 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

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