Everything About Family Mediation At Once Place

Have you heard of people minimising the use of courts in their divorces? Generally, through a confidential and voluntary process?

If yes, then you know what this article will talk about. Family mediation in Australia is quite a familiar concept, and more and more families are opting for the same. This article will discuss the ins and outs of family mediation, who can be aided from the process, and the matters to be discussed.

What is family remediation?

Through the process of family remediation, an independent and professionally accredited mediator works out the finances and arrangements for the kids after separation. This is particularly helpful when previously created arrangements need to be changed as and when the children age.

Moreover, this separation can be any type of dispute where the family remediation acts as the chosen resolution method.

There are several legal aids to pay for the solicitor costs, which have also decreased. You can still find several people who receive mediation for free.

Family remediation also helps in staying in control. No person can ask you for anything or to do anything, and the two parties can successfully co-parent their kids conveniently. Since the process is faster and causes less stress than courts, thousands of Australian families opt for the same.

Who can benefit from family remediation?

Family mediation in Australia takes place between various parties. Some of the common ones are:

  • separating couples, whether they have or don’t have children
  • married or unmarried couples
  • same-sex couples, if or not in a civil partnership
  • members of the extended family, such as grandparents who are not able to regularly see or meet their grandchildren
  • children who don’t particularly gel with their parents

Family dispute resolution or FDR services in Australia can be grabbed at several government-funded services such as:

  • Family relationship centres
  • Legal aid commissions
  • Miscellaneous community-based family law services

You will also find Australian accredited FDR practitioners who can offer their services in a private business. If you are present in a remote or regional area in Australia, you can use the internet-based FDR or telephone via a private FDR practitioner/Family Relationship advice Line.

What are the matters that can be discussed in family remediation?

You can discuss several pressing matters during the Family mediation practioner, such as:

  • What will be the time-sharing process for kids between parents?
  • Where will the children reside once the parents separate?
  • The arrangement of child support
  • What will be the mode of communication between the two parents in the future concerning their children along with other matters
  • The division of financial assets. Debts, pensions, and property shall take place.
  • If you will have to formalise any agreement in the divorce processing or separation deed


Resolving a dispute through family mediation will be way cheaper than going to court.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the essential pointers of information that you must be aware of if you are going for family mediation. If the family mediation is not working, the accredited Family Dispute Resolution practitioner can allow the applications that need to be made in the family law court.

This certificate is referred to as a Section 60I certificate, and only the official practioner can issue it. Find the best law mediation service around you in Australia to ensure you know everything before making a decision.

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