Candidate skills assessment versus other assessment methods for better hiring

Experienced recruiters know that candidate skills testing is about evaluating candidates’ skills and qualifications. It is imperative to do this as objectively as possible to get results that create a long-lasting positive impact. Leading staffing agencies invest in online skills testing software to the desired results – top tier candidates who are a great match for the role.

Recruiters turn to skills testing to measure technical skills such as the ability to use Excel at an advanced level or to measure soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.

Good skills testing software helps recruiters move past relying only on other assessment methods such as CVs, cover letters and interviews. These, while valuable for highlighting an initial list of talented applicants, are much more constrained when it comes to showing the areas of strengths and potential of each candidate.

A point to note here is that it is entirely easy to embellish CVs and overstate experiences and capabilities on cover letters. Skills tests allow recruiters to look beyond these and test individuals on the talents that are actually required to be a success at the role.

Different kinds of candidate skills tests

When talking about candidate skills testing, it is typical to consider evaluating soft and hard skills to enable recruiters and employers to make sensible hiring judgements. But sound recruiting decisions need to capture more than just technical and soft skills.

Taking help from good skills testing software ensures recruiters can turn to other kinds of assessments. Some skills tests measure cultural fit, assessments meant for judging personality, role-specific skills tests, situational judgement assessments, etc.

What makes online skills testing software so great is how effortlessly one can use it. A good platform has a nice variety of skills tests for its users. Recruiters can select one or even many of these assessments according to need. Next, they can send them to either one candidate or a group of candidates at once. This whole process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

So, if recruiters are trying to fill an admin role, they can send any of the assessment tests that are tailored for secretarial skills testing – Microsoft Office skills tests, typing skills tests, literacy skills tests. They can also pick psychometric skills testing to evaluate personality traits and measure company cultural fit.

What makes skills testing software worthwhile for recruiters?

It is a platform that recruiters can utilise to get people with relevant skills for the role. CV parsing only helps to show that the applicant has the necessary credentials. Interviews go further by allowing the candidate to talk about their experience in more detail.

However, a skills assessment software contains more than just a single test. It is a platform that carries multiple skills tests suitable for a variety of roles. This is precisely why it is so beneficial for staffing agencies to invest in this kind of software.

Recruitment agencies place for different sectors. And whether they are sourcing candidates for healthcare or construction or retail, they need robust online skills testing software platform to assist them in filtering top tier applicants. Then they can easily assess all their candidates using just that one platform.

And why online? Well, digital hiring has taken over modern recruitment practices. Remote and online hiring has become very standard across the industry. Therefore, an online skills assessment platform is extremely effective and boosts work efficiency. Picking one that works seamlessly in conjunction with the agency’s recruitment CRM software is key to streamlining the recruitment workflow further.

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