Betrayal trauma counseling—reasons to get one.

There are sex addicts that do things that their partners are not happy about, these people tend to be promiscuous and they get in all kinds of trouble. They hurt their partners in more ways than one and they are not even sorry about it. They tend to talk explicitly with others and they also are not in any way responsible for their actions.

They will gaslight and make fun of you for even caring about the relationship that you are in and trying to protect it, because to them this isn’t a relationship because sex addicts ruin the sanctity of sex, they have sex with anyone and anytime, which makes sex just another thing for them. Relationships are meant to be the place where sex can and should only happen, sex outside of a relationship is never healthy. Therefore, through these actions, a person inside a relationship has to go through a lot with an abusive partner who betrays them in every way, sexually and non-sexually, such a betrayal can be handled by a program called “betrayal trauma counseling” which is offered by Pneuma Therapeutic Services.

People in such toxic relationships go through a lot and one should not stay there and bare all the trauma and all hardships and feelings of insecurity all by themselves. They should knock on the door of someone that will understand them in this hard time, will give them a hand when they need it, be a part of their pain without judging. Such a person is called a counselor, and they offer betrayal trauma counseling.

In this sex-crazed culture, sex is overexaggerated and people often tend to not be loyal and cheat on their partners for uncanny reasons instead of working through it all, they do not even communicate and make situation even worse than before. This miscommunication can give them no chance of recovery.

Why should one get betrayal trauma counseling?

Pneuma Therapeutic Services offers betrayal trauma counseling for primary reason that is cheating. As mentioned above, in this sex-crazed culture, couples when they get in fights, instead of working through, they go to others for comfort which leads them to cheating and this cheating can be traumatic to the partner who this cheating has happened to.

There have been cases where the partner who was cheated on cannot even look at the face of the partner that cheated, they have nightmares and PTSD regarding the whole ordeal. They have mental mages of their former loved ones having sex with the person they cheated with, this breaks them mentally. They cannot focus on things; they cannot even forgive their partners. This trauma is hard to beat but with the help of a professional counselor, this is very much possible and can be done with proper scheduling and proper techniques on a constant basis with day-to-day application in real life.

This is the hardest time for anyone who has been cheated on. Not just lovers, but this is for anyone who was betrayed by anyone in anything, whether it was for business or for anything else. Proper help should be taken, a proper self-care plan is advised in this betrayal therapy counseling program. The patients are told to tackle their feelings of being betrayed, the first thing that is to be overcome is the denial process.

People cannot accept the fact that their hard work and efforts all went in vain and they just want an apology by the person who cheated on them and the reason. Usually many have to start the healing process without even getting that much closure from their former partners. So, if you are in this predicament and went to heal, then get in touch with Pneuma Therapeutic Services.

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