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“Application development or that computer software This may be done using a single computer. making it easy to get started Different from other engineering product development that require a lot of labor and machinery, such as the production of automobiles, vehicles, large constructions

. However, the enterprise app development platform can be very complex. Therefore, the development of good applications requires a systematic planning of implementation. Especially in the development of applications with many contributors, otherwise it may cause failure, such as producing an application that does not meet the needs of the customer or user. The product does not meet the required requirements. The delivery of the product is delayed beyond the specified period. There was an error during work. Including the estimate of the cost and the amount of resources required is very inaccurate.”



1.1 Application development

Mobile application development is writing software for mobile devices such as smartphones (Smartphones) and tablets (Tablet), or in other words, making applications or creating applications for mobile phones which Wave maker RAD will write mobile applications To take advantage of some of the mobile devices with unique features such as the smartphone’s accelerator sensor, GPS and other sensor data, etc. Disadvantages of app development. Mobile version is that developers cannot use the source code of one operating system to another, for example, the source code used to make applications or create native applications for the device. Android is not compatible with Windows Phone. A browser-based application is required. Equipment-agnostic To make the browser work on different mobile devices.


The development of software applications or products be able to apply engineering processes used in the development of other types of products to plan operations which have the following general steps:


  1. Requirements Study  – Applications are built according to the needs and solve customer or user problems. Developers need to know the requirements or problems before proceeding with the design, which will have specifications that are various properties of the application. This is a process that requires the experience of the developer. to meet the needs of real customers or users because there may be inaccurate communication of needs.Visit this website : forumsporcasino


  1. Design  – It’s at the heart of any application development. Which is quite complex and contains a lot of details. Requiring computational concepts to be applied in systematic design effect will outline an application with sub-components for which their functions are defined.


  1. Implementation  – A developer or programmer writes instructions in a designed subcomponent. Which may encounter limitations or defects from the design process or studying the needs. Therefore, it is customary to go back and revise the design or study the requirements.


  1. Testing  – This is to check the quality of the application. To find errors that existed while the application was running and ensure that the application works properly and meets the exact requirements. Improvements, corrections, and re-tests must be made to avoid errors during production if an error is found. This may cause severe damage as a result.


You can go back and modify the results obtained in the previous step at each step, especially if the customer or user is involved in each operation step. It will make the requirements of the application more clearly defined. And get a software product that can meet the real needs.



1.2 Development planning

In enterprise web app development frameworks, Each step has details that need to be prioritized, the urgency to allocate resources, people, and time. Appropriately Including the need to define the roles and responsibilities of those responsible and monitor the progress of operations If the above steps are neglected, there is a risk that application development will not be completed in time. Or some functions are not as designed.

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