5 Reliable Wireless Internet Options for Americans in 2022

The internet is now one of the most basic utilities known to man. It has become almost as important as the air we breathe. It assists human life in almost every aspect including commute, work, socializing, shopping, and several others.

This has created the need for wireless connectivity. No more is the internet only needed inside offices and homes. Now, people need the internet so that they may perform necessary tasks wherever they may be and whenever they want. Therefore, we thought to elaborate on the wireless technologies that are offering connectivity in the United States, and the internet service providers you can turn to for enjoying the service. Here they are:

Types of Wireless Internet

There are several technologies that offer wireless connectivity to the residents of the United States. While all of them offer similar benefits to the consumer, they do possess slightly different features that are suited to the user based on their usage.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless internet is a technology that is focused on providing wireless connectivity in stationary structures. This internet is transmitted via radio frequencies from the cell towers to the buildings where connectivity is required. There, the signal is further transmitted via Wi-Fi to a limited radius. Exiting that radius will disconnect you from the network.

Mobile Wireless

Mobile wireless internet, on the other hand, is focused on mobility. It comes as an added feature on your existing mobile plans. Subscribing to a mobile internet plan allows you to access blazing-fast 45 and 5G internet speeds while you are on the move.


Satellite internet is the third wireless technology that you may benefit from. As opposed to fixed and mobile wireless technologies, it is completely independent of stationary infrastructure. Instead, it provides connectivity to the users with the help of satellites orbiting in space. As a result, you may connect to satellite internet in even the most remote locations, where cell towers may be a rarity.

Wireless Internet Providers to Consider

There are numerous wireless internet providers that you can consider in the United States. We have discussed some of the most reliable wireless internet providers in the US. Here they are:


First and foremost, you should know about the AT&T wireless plans. In addition to AT&T internet for your homes and offices, AT&T also offers mobile wireless internet that you can enjoy almost all across the United States. Thanks to the recent evolution, AT&T now offers 5G internet that you may enjoy in all unlimited plans by AT&T.

This service provider offers three plans that you might want to consider. Namely, AT&T Unlimited StarterSM, AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM, and AT&T Unlimited EliteSM.  All these plans can be enjoyed at highly reasonable rates that are further reinforced by AT&T ActiveArmorSM, for added network security.

Rise Broadband

Next, you should know about the fixed wireless internet offered by Rise Broadband. It is among the largest fixed wireless networks available in the US. Here, you can access all the necessary and luxurious features that you would want from your internet connection.

This internet service provider offers lightning-fast internet speeds that go as high as up to 50 Mbps. Moreover, you can choose between limited or unlimited data. The provider further enables you to enjoy Double Play and Triple Play deals so you can access phone and/or TV service along with the internet. Thus, enabling you to enjoy all the necessary services in a single cheaper bundle.


Lastly, you must have a look at the sensational satellite internet network provided by HughesNet. This internet service may not offer mind-boggling internet speeds like the other services mentioned above, but it makes for a worthy competitor since it enables connectivity in the furthest corners of the country even.

This technology can provide access to download speeds as high as 25 Mbps, which are more than sufficient for internet needs on the go. At the same time, you may get upload speeds up to 3 Mbps. Furthermore, HughesNet also offers bonus zones for the users where they may enjoy added data each month during off-peak hours.


A competitor to HughesNet, Viasat is also amongst the dependable wireless internet options that you may turn to. Similar to HughesNet, Viasat is also a satellite internet service provider accessible all across the United States.

However, Viasat may provide access to slightly faster internet speeds at times. Keep in mind though, this minor speed bump does come with a significant price increase. Moreover, Viasat is also prone to sudden price hikes. Meaning, you might be casually getting comfortable with the satellite internet speeds it offers, and you might be slammed with updated prices out of the blue.

Another area that Viasat lacks in comparison to HughesNet is Bonus Zones. While HughesNet offers additional data in certain off-peak hours, Viasat might not offer the same luxury to you. As a result, choosing between the two satellite internet service providers may be somewhat of a dilemma for you.


Verizon is definitely worth considering when searching for wireless internet options in the US. It is probably the biggest competitor to AT&T wireless internet and has an abundance of subscribers in the country.

Verizon offers slightly faster data speeds for its subscribers, but this added advantage does come with a downside. Verizon has relatively tighter data caps, meaning you would have to restrict your internet usage while on the go. And let us not forget that higher internet speeds offered by Verizon do come with relatively higher price tags.

In Conclusion…

The internet is not only important when you are working in the office, studying in college, or watching movies at home. It is equally important when you are on the go, or when you are doing something else while outside. Thus, turning to the best wireless internet service is essential. Hopefully, the internet services mentioned above will not fail you.

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