Top 5 Great Stenciling Tips You Should Know

Painting with the help of stenciling is undoubtedly one of the best ways to produce attractive pieces of artwork. Therefore are many professional painters use stencils for their artwork. It’s not because they find the process easy, but the stencil helps them to showcase their creativity.

However, using stencils to produce great artwork is not an easy process. You need to be extremely careful while stenciling. One small mistake can cause bleeding that will make your painting worthless. This is why painters pay close attention to avoid the bleeding problem. But if you manage to remember some great tips, the stenciling will become easy. Here are the top 4 great stenciling tips you should know.

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Prepare It

If you want to achieve straight consecutive lines with the stencils, like the one that runs down through the walls, you should lay out the guide along with the stencil. Additionally, you also have to implement a chalk line as per the line level. You can also project via the laser level. This way you can ensure that you’re not running a slanted design along the wall. This way you can reposition the stencil without having any problems. If you want to apply stenciling artwork on the wooden surface of your house, make sure you purchase great stencils for painting on wood

Make Sure the Stencil is Sticky

You can use masking tape or double-sided tape so that your stencil can adhere in the same place. However, if you’re working on a surface that might get damaged once you peel off the stencil; you need to make sure the adhesive is weak. You can use spray-on stencil adhesive or low-tuck painter’s tape for this process. Make sure all the areas of the stencil are flat before you start your designing process. As per Labelplanet, the adhesive also refers to glue.

Consider Using a Professional Brush

This is one of the most important tips you should remember while using the stencil. Many people use cheap and low-quality brushes while panting on the stencil. This is one of the biggest mistakes. The low-quality brushes will not only cause irrelevant strokes of color but also cause bleeding problems.

Keep in mind that stencil brushes are round and come with stiff and short brittles. Make sure you use the brushes for quick movement onto your stencil. This will help you prevent the colors from entering under the edges of your stencil. You can also use a small roller or sponge.

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Start Working from the Outside

This is another important tip you should remember while using the stencils. Before you implement color or design on the surface using a stencil, make sure you start designing from the edges of the stencil. Work your way inward, instead of applying the design center outward. This tip is also effective at preventing the paint from getting under the edges of the stencil.

Wash the Stencil Regularly

If you’re focusing on repetitive design, make sure you clean the stencil regularly with warm water so that the edges are free of any color. If you notice some hard paint strain on the edges of the stencil, you won’t be able to achieve a crisp edge to your next design. As paper stencils cannot be washed, you can use acetate stencils if you’re planning to use them multiple times.


These are the top 5 stenciling tips you should know. Remember that stencil needs to be flat so that you can use them perfectly. Do you have any other questions? Comment below to let us know.

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