Top 5 Delicious and Healthy Dog Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Bringing delicious and nutritious foods to your dogs means giving them a healthy lifestyle. Many pet parents feed amazing combinations of food to their furry friends. Their diets should be full of vitamins, proteins, and in equal amounts. Further, many order online food as a quick fix for dogs. If you are looking for quick and easy recipes, you can try out some homemade recipes.

Best and Nutritious Dog Recipes

1. Veggie and Turkey Rich foods

This is a super easy food to make. And it is very healthy than the store-bought items. It has a balance of about 50% proteins, 25% veggies, and about 25% of grains. Start by talking about 3 cups of rice and cooking it. Then heat olive oil in a pan. Secondly, add in the ground turkey and cook it for about 5 minutes until it is golden brown.

You can add in any kind of vegetables you like. It can be peas, zucchini, carrots, etc. After the dish cools down, you can serve it to your dogs.

2. Brown Rice and Turkey with Rosemary

Rosemary is an amazing ingredient to bring in the required taste. You can make this recipe using frozen ingredients too. The cooking time is about 30 minutes, so it is easy to make too. Take water, brown rice, and ground turkey all at once. Also, add a pinch of rosemary to it.

Stir the mixture until the turkey breaks down. Boil the whole mixture on high heat. Then allow it to shimmer after reducing the heat for about 20 minutes. Add in all the frozen vegetables and cook for about 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool.

3. Salmon and Rice Dish

Take some broccoli, carrots, squash, and other vegetables as per your choice. Start by steam cooking all of these vegetables. Prepare the rice separately. Take olive oil and put it in the mashed potato. You can also stir-fry some of the potato shavings for the added garnishing.

Take a salmon and fry it until it is golden brown. You can leave the skin on while cooking. Cook the salmon until it is brown on both ends. Chop the salmon into small portions. Serve it with brown rice. Serve it to your dog only once it has cooled down. Also, you can give them inside an underground dog fence. These fences are big enough and your dog can eat in peace. Most importantly, there will be no one in the periphery to disturb them while they have the food.  

4. Homemade Loaf for Dogs

Does your dog love loaves? So, why not prepare it at home? Mix turkey and all veggies and put it inside the loaf. You can add in oats and eggs to make it tastier. Bake the loaf after adding ground turkey, carrots, peas, etc. Place the eggs at the center of the loaf.

Put it in the oven for about 45 minutes. Cut the loaf in half and then you can give it to your pet. Chop the loaf into smaller pieces, easier for the dogs to digest.

5. Homemade Recipes for Diabetic dogs

If your dog suffers from diabetes, this is one recipe made only for them. It’s made using yellow beans, which is a good complement to your dog’s diet. Boil water and then add the yellow lentil. You can add veggies of your choice. Take chicken breast and stir fry it for some time.

Add in the frozen vegetables. Reduce the flame from high to medium heat. Allow the water to be absorbed fully. Let the dish cool and you can serve it to your furry friend.

These are some of the wonderful recipes to feed your dogs. Go ahead and try one of the recipes. Your dog will love it!

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