Top 4 Best Case Uses of QR Code on Coasters

Putting QR codes on coasters has some ingenious uses for your business. While something as simple as coasters may not be on the top of the mind for incorporating QR codes, they’re as versatile as the technology itself.

The great news is that there is the best QR code generator with logo online that makes it so much easier and more convenient to put them in coasters.

For food businesses that may want to innovate their services, this is your sign to start using QR codes on coasters. Here are the four best use cases you can start with.

QR codes for menus and easy ordering

Once your customers enter the restaurant, they’ll most likely look for a menu and select which one to order. While having a paper menu is always a good option for better accessibility, digitizing it for younger customers is a creative idea.

Putting your QR codes for menus on your coasters isn’t only innovative, but also increases the visibility of your food selections. Aside from pictures, you can also put GIFs or videos in your QR code menus. This will entice your customers and make the ordering experience more fun and interesting.

QR codes for easy sharing of Wi-Fi access

Cafes are conducive workplaces for some people, especially for digital nomads. To work efficiently, Wi-Fi access is very important in getting the work done and communicating within the team. A Wi-Fi QR code on coasters make connecting to the internet a lot more hassle-free for customers.

For cafes worried that they’ll only stay even if they didn’t order, simply distribute the coasters once they order food or a drink. This ensures only paying customers can connect to your Wi-Fi, and they bring revenue first before accessing your extra services.

QR codes for customer feedback

In any business, feedback is crucial, but more so in the food industry. This helps you develop better food selections and improve the overall dining experience in your restaurant. Gathering customer feedback through QR codes is proven to be effective time and time again.

Aside from putting QR codes on coasters, you can also put QR codes on placemats when serving the food. As they can directly give feedback once they taste the food, it’s more honest, which is best in helping you improve in the long run.

QR codes for paying for your meals

One of the best uses of QR codes is for payment. With the rise of the pandemic and advancements in QR code technology, contactless payments have now become easier. These codes are usually placed on counters or tables, but placing them on coasters increases visibility too.

Depending on how big the coasters or placemats are in your restaurant, you can put QR codes for payments from different banks. This gives customers different options to select their preferred payment method.

Know more about QR codes today

If you want to expand your knowledge of using QR codes on coasters, placemats, and services, it’s time to use a QR code generator with logo software. It comes with advanced features such as customization, dynamic QR codes, and more.

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