Make someone miss you spell

To make someone miss you spell casting can be helpful. However, the target should have strong feelings for you. Otherwise, instead of missing you like a lover, the target will miss you like a friend. Imagine someone you love tells you that he misses you and wants to see you because he can’t wait to tell you about his new girlfriend. It’s not a very pleasant experience, is it?

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If the target doesn’t love you, this spell can make him want to go out with you or spend more time with you. Yet this spell can’t awaken love for you in the target’s heart. To awaken love, a love spell is needed. We suggest using both spells at the same time, a spell to make the target miss you and a spell to make the target love you. When used together, they give much better results and the target will be yours shortly.

Where can you find good love spells? Check out our blog. We’re committed to publishing safe and effective love spells (they are safe as long as you follow our spell casting instructions). Choose any easy love spell described in one of the articles and cast it. Shortly after that, when the moon is still waxing, cast a spell to make the target miss you. That way, this person will stand no chance of avoiding loving you.​

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A spell to make someone miss you

If you believe in astrology, you should know that a spell to make someone miss you has a different impact on different astrological signs. According to a recent astrological study performed by a team of astrologists who also helped us write this article, different astrological signs will miss the target differently while under the influence of this spell, specifically:

Aries – The target will expect you to call first. If you don’t call and put effort to keep in touch, he’ll get insulted and distance himself from you.

Taurus – He’ll start stalking you, setting up “accidental encounters”, making up excuses to see you, call you and spend as much time with you as possible.

Gemini – He’ll miss you but won’t have the courage to do anything about it. In a relationship this sign usually mirrors the partner. When you miss each other, he’ll take action only if you do something first.

Cancer – Missing someone is their preferred state, so not much will change for this astrological sign. As usual, it’s going to be your job to take the first step. On the bright side, while under the influence of a make someone miss you spell, the target will appreciate your effort more.

Leo – He’ll do anything to be with you and never let you go. He’ll be with you as long as the spell stays effective. Once it wears out, he’ll get his old lifestyle back in which you’re definitely not a priority.

Virgin – The target can get depressed. Such rituals have a stronger impact on this astrological sign than other signs. So the target can still miss you and be sad even when you’re together, which can be quite annoying.

Libra – He will take action immediately. He’ll try to find out if you’re loyal, if you would like to live together and share a budget. This ritual will encourage this astrological sign to be with you permanently.

Scorpio – The spell will make the target extremely jealous. He’s not used to thinking about someone just because he misses this person. Missing you will make him imagine situations where you cheat on him, so good luck explaining yourself to him!

Sagittarius – He’ll feel happy and excited. These are relatively unemotional people who rarely have strong feelings about anything. So when he finds himself missing you, he might think it’s love and act accordingly.

Capricorn – He’ll try to spend as much time with you as possible. He’ll visit you at work, offer you to have breakfast together in the morning and call you at 3 o’clock at night. This astrological sign tends to cross the line a lot and the spell will erase those lines at all.

Aquarius – He can misinterpret the signal sent by magic and fall in love with someone else, someone who happens to be closer to him than you. So be careful while putting spells on this astrological sign and always hire professional magic practitioners.

Pisces – This ritual can prove to be ineffective for this astrological sign. To influence people born under the sign of Pisces, use the most powerful of spells as they are basically immune to magic.​

Here is how to perform one very simple ritual to make a man miss you:

  • Take the target’s picture;
  • Put it in front of the mirror;
  • Sit down in front of the mirror;
  • Take a candle and light it;
  • Move the candle in a circle counterclockwise (near your chest) and, while looking the target in the eye, say:

“I’m casting a spell on you. I want you (the target’s name) to go crazy over me. I want you to think about me. I want you to miss me. I want you to want to see me to feel better. I want you to see me in your dreams at night. I want you to think about me when you wake up in the morning. I want you to be reminded of me by all women you meet and think I’m better. I want you to come. I want you to hug me. I want you to know you love me. I want you to never stop missing me. I want you to feel good with me. I want you to feel bad without me. I’m casting this spell on you (the target’s name).”

Repeat the ritual on the first three days of the lunar month to make the target miss you more.

Make him miss me spell

Buy some natural honey and leave it out in the sun for a few days. If it’s cold or raining, warm some water from a river and melt the honey without taking it out of the jar. It’s important that the honey you use is liquid. Take two coins – the biggest one to represent the man and the smallest one to represent the woman. Put “your” coin into a small bag which you can wear around your neck. Wear it for nine days. Hide the target’s coin at his place and come back in seven days. The target shouldn’t know anything about the coin.

Put 20 candles in a triangle and light them. Put a new ceramic bowl in the middle. The bowl should have no cracks in it. Pour some honey into the bowl to cover the bottom. Toss the target’s coin into the honey and say:

“You’re alone. Your life is sweet but you don’t taste its sweetness. That’s why you feel sad and want to cry. You miss something to enjoy your life to the fullest. You know it and you feel it but you don’t know what it is that makes you unhappy.”

Toss your coin in the honey too and say:

“I’ve joined you now. And everything’s changed. Your sadness is gone. Your grief is gone. There is nothing but sweetness left. Your life will always be sweet with me. I’m the only one you’ll think about. Without me, sadness will be back. And soon you’ll realize that I’m what you need to be happy.”

There is another way to cast a make him miss you spell. To perform this ritual, you need one apple. Cut it in four parts with a red string (make sure it’s thick and strong enough so it won’t break). Put the apple pieces crisscross on the tray. Put a picture of the target in the middle. Put one of your golden pieces of jewelry on top of the picture. Put a candle near the target’s head and light it. With your palms directed at the picture, say the following spell:

“An apple used to be whole but now it’s cut into four parts. In the same way will your peace be cut into thoughts about me, into sadness without me, into joy with me, and missing me. The more rotten the apple gets, the stronger my spell. The more you miss me, the more you want to be with me. The closer you come, the stronger your feelings become for me. We’ll become lovers. We’ll become friends. We’ll be like a husband and a wife. Each of us will be the one for the other. My spell can’t be broken and removed just like the apple can’t be uncut.”

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Below is one more way to cast a make him miss me spell. To perform this ritual, you need a picture of the target taken when he was little and another picture taken three days before the ritual. Put the pictures in front of you, take a candle, light it, and drip one drop of wax on each picture starting with the childhood one while repeating the following spell three times:

“You’re old now and you’re armored. Magic can’t break through it. Magic needles can’t pierce through it. A magic knife can’t cut through it. But you were little once and I’m talking to you when you were little. I’m putting a magic seed in you – my image. It’ll live in you, making you sad and wanting to cry. You’ve been waiting for me your whole life without knowing it. When you met me, you didn’t recognize me. But don’t worry. It’s not too late yet. We’ll see each other again tomorrow and the seed growing in you will wake up. I’ll smile at you and you’ll recognize me. You’ll realize I’m the one you’ve been missing and felt anxious without. When you remember me, you’ll fall in love with me. My words are magical. My lips are a lock. My tongue is the key. I’ve said it, locked the lock, made you miss me and love me.”

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