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A new streaming platform for indie films called NoBudge has launched. The site was first launched as a curated Tumblr blog in 2011 and recently expanded to a fully functional website. In 2011, NoBudge posted a new short film every month. As of January 2018, NoBudge posts a new film every day. Currently, the site features a selection of short films from independent and mainstream filmmakers. NoBudge is a free website that allows you to view movies in various genres.

While NoBudge originally started as a Tumblr blog, the site has since evolved into a full-blown streaming platform. It now has Android, Apple TV, Roku, and iOS apps. You can watch NoBudge on the web for free for seven days. NoBudge is a great choice for indie filmmakers looking for a way to share their work with the world. There is no limit to the number of films you can watch through NoBudge.

NoBudge has changed its structure from its Tumblr blog to a full-blown streaming platform. The site now offers an open submission policy for indie films. You can submit a film for free, but it will cost you a one-time fee. NoBudge will feature a new film every month and is now a full-fledged operation. The site’s creator has diverse tastes and is constantly evolving.

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