How To Find A Life Coach: The Complete Guide?

What is an Online Life Coach?

Before we talk about how to fund a life coach, let’s know who an online life coach is. A life coach helps us with our wellness and our better progress. They help us understand the purpose of our lives and reach greater fulfillment. They assist us in bettering our relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. 

Online Life coaches help us identify our goals and the obstacles we face while trying to achieve them. Then, they develop strategies to overcome these obstacles using their talent and potential. 


When should you consider working with an online life coach?

We should understand if we need life coaches before we start finding one. Here are some signs which will help you analyze if you need the help of a life coach –

  • High levels of anxiety and stress

  • Regular irritability

  • Lack of ability to get rid of our bad habits 

  • Absence of the feeling of fulfillment in social life

  • Constant feeling of dissatisfaction with our work lives.

  • Feeling of blockage in the sense of creativity. 


How to find the ideal online life coach?


Once you have identified your need to appoint a life coach, here is how you will know that you have found the perfect life coach :


  1. Identify what kind of life coach you need: Different life coaches would help you with other aspects of your life. Do your research to know the different categories of life coaches like – addiction, business and leadership coaching, diet and fitness coaching, relationship coaching, and many more. Once you have identified the need to appoint an online coach, you must understand which aspect of your life you face most of your troubles with and appoint a life coach accordingly. 


  1. You’ll feel connected with that person: A life coaching session can only be successful when there is a perfect chemistry between you both. The ideal coach is the one with whom you can resonate and connect to.


  1. Check about their qualification and experience: Before you appoint a life coach, you must know they are qualified enough to handle your issues. You must also ask them about their previous experiences to understand if they have dealt with similar problems before.


  1. Understand their coaching style: Even if they are very qualified, their coaching style might not suit you. If you are not compatible with their coaching style, the online life coaching session would not be effective. 


  1. Try out their coaching style according to your behavioral pattern: To understand their coaching style, you need to assess them through different methods. For example, if you like to talk, you might try out regular coaching sessions, systemic coaching, or more. If you don’t want to talk much, you can check out working with eye movements, your body, acupoint tapping, or using sound or art styles. Similarly, there are methods of coaching using hypnotherapy if you are feeling stuck.



We advise you to schedule a pre-talk with your online life coach, before you decide to work with them. A good interactive session is essential for you to check your compatibility, or it can even take more than one session to analyze your compatibility.  


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