How to Clean and Maintain Ceiling and Exhaust Fans


Every room in a building, manufacturing unit, or house should have proper ventilation. To have good ventilation, the importance of a fan to disperse air within the enclosed room should be considered. In the case of industries and factories, industrial fan maintenance is essential.

Items Needed

  • Firstly the build-up on the fan must be examined carefully to understand the level of the first present on it.
  • Usually, there is plenty of dust that maru gujarat gardens to form a crust with frequent use.
  • However, there can be a change in the level of dirt, especially in kitchens and chemical manufacturing industries.
  • The build-up of oil combined with dust makes a greasy and sticky solution that remains on the fan blades.
  • It not only slows the fan and increases electricity consumption, but also reduces the efficiency of the ventilation system.


  • Spirits are key to removing grease.
  • Spirits contain some amount of alcohol that dissolves the build-up of stains and oily grease.
  • An industrial fan maintenance expert will suggest that the spirits used must not be too harsh or they may wear out the blades film indir mobil themselves.

Vacuum Cleaning

  • It is best to clean off dry dust and particles on the fan blades and components.
  • Usually, the dry particles fall off easily without any complications.
  • Vacuum cleaning of fans also prevents any foreign objects from remaining stuck inside the fan circuits or motors.

Parts Management

  • Industrial fan maintenance has a very important part of the discussion.
  • It is crucial to tighten screws, nuts, and bolts after the cleaning process so that the components remain fixed properly.
  • The screws, nuts, and bolts can be cleaned using specialized mineral oils so that their integrity is not tampered with.


  • Lubrication plays an important role in deciding how well the fan is going to function after cleaning.
  • Regular lubrication of the motor after the removal of dust is preferred.
  • The rotating shaft in the motor usually experiences a lot of friction.
  • The friction causes parts of the motor to wear off very easily.
  • Friction also produced heat when parts are in contact with each other.
  • Heat can ruin the wiring of the fan and can even cause a fire.
  • Therefore, the appropriate use of lubricants is advised.

Fan Belt

  • The fan belt tension of every fan must be standard.
  • If the tension falls too low, the blades will not turn fast enough.
  • If the tension is too fast, the blades might turn faster than intended. In the process, the belt can wear out fast.
  • With proper tension maintenance, the need for regular changes in belts will be reduced.
  • This is also known as preventive maintenance as well.


The most important feature of any room is the clean, fresh air in it. No matter how clean and aesthetic a place is, if it does not smell normal, it is not there. Stale air is never preferred, even if it is from a factory. Fresh air keeps people in it fresh too.

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