How a Time Clock App Can Improve Employee Productivity

Running a small business is a lot of work, and even as a manager, you have to do multiple things at once. Switching to a time clock app can save you time filling out paperwork, scheduling, and reviewing time off requests. It can also help boost morale and spirits throughout the workplace by increasing employee accountability. This can be one of the best tools to adopt; technology is helping run small businesses.

What is a time clock app?

It is software that allows your employees to punch in and out quickly and efficiently. It helps keep track of all hours, sick days, breaks, and more. By having a time clock app implemented at your business, you will be able to keep accurate time tracking records, and employee pay will be more accurate with fewer errors. Every minute your team is punched in is accounted for and can be compared to sales and productivity.

Time clock solutions provide a way for every employee to be held accountable for every second they are on the clock. Each piece of data about scheduling, availability, and more is saved in this easy to access solution. It can be easily accessed by employees, whether in office or remotely, from a phone, laptop, and tablet. As a business owner, you can acquire a tablet that can act as a time clock app and place it in a centralized location for easy access.

How can it improve productivity?

Keeping your workers and entire team productive can seem like a tremendous job. However, with the help of a time keeper app, you can keep your employees motivated and help their productivity levels stay as high as possible.


By having your employees punch into an app, they know their time is being accurately tracked down to the second. They will feel a larger sense of responsibility for their time spent working. The team will understand how easy it is for you to compare their hours to projects completed, which in turn will help them stay on task and productive.


When a whole team knows that you keep accurate track of every minute and compare it to sales and other projects, it will hold them accountable for what they have done. You will be able to see clearly who had the highest sales on a given day or who has finished a project ahead of schedule. Keeping track of this information will help hold your team members accountable for their time worked.

Scheduling Productive People

When a team knows you can review the productivity for whoever is punched in for the day, they will quickly realize that you can and will schedule those who are the most efficient while at work. This can be a reward system and can help motivate people to work harder while on the clock.

A time and attendance app also allows you to adjust a schedule easily at any time and inform employees of those changes so they can adjust their personal schedule at needed.

Labor Costs

With an online timecard system, you can determine how much it costs you to remain open versus how much you make in a day. Your entire team will know you can do this, which will keep them motivated to make more sales. This can help boost productivity and revenue in your company.

Mentally Prepare

Since you can make an employee’s schedule in advance, each team member will have time to prepare for their shifts mentally. This can encourage them to come in with a positive attitude and allows them to create a fun working environment. Having a time app clock enables you to create schedules in advance that are suitable for your business and allows your team to prepare for a successful workday.

Switching to a time clock app can benefit your business.

Time clock apps are one of the best ways to take some stress that comes with running a business off your shoulders. As a business owner or manager, you have a lot of other essential business operations to focus on. Taking time out to do the schedule by hand and needing to calculate hours weekly can be time-consuming and tedious. A time attendance clock does this automatically. It saves all employee information and holds them responsible for punching in and out for an accurate paycheck. The entire team will know they get paid for every single working second.

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