Don’t Act or Dress Your Age

Every beautiful woman that I have interviewed seemed to possess the same trait: agelessness. If I hadn’t been privy to their backgrounds, I would have been hard-pressed to put a “number” on them. You know who these women are—you’ve seen them in a magazine or on TV. You know they are about your age, but they look so much “better.”

Don’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that they’ve had extensive plastic surgery. That is not always the case. How do you begin your own “timeless” appearance? Pick up a magazine that might be geared to a different age demographic. Shop at a different store or department than you usually do. Find a mentor, someone whose style you’ve always admired, to help you develop your new look.

The first step to finding your way back to you is to start a daily journal. Keep your daily activities and thoughts as a reliable thermometer to your current state of thinking. Use it to keep track of what you’re eating, wearing, and feeling. Don’t get overwhelmed in the steps to your transformation. Set standards and goals in baby steps.

This is especially important if you’ve somehow lost yourself along the way. It could be as small as “I will lose five pounds by the end of the month” or “I will devote one hour a day just for me.” Sit back, close your eyes, and visualize yourself as slimmer, happier, or more assertive.

Every person possesses an inner clock. Don’t rely on the time of day to tell you when to eat, when to rest, etc. Let your body do the talking! It never fails to give you signs that tell you what it needs. Have one or two outfits that you know make you look terrific and require no thought.

Lastly comment

Keep no more than five cosmetics that can take you out the door and don’t have to be color coordinated. Keep one overcoat that will look stylish, take you out the door with dignity, and hide anything!

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