Best cars for a road trip

If you are someone who goes on road trips a lot, you’re probably going to want to look into purchasing a car that is fuel-efficient, reliable, and fun to drive.

Many new and current cars have plenty of road trip-friendly features such as power outlets, rear screens, charging ports, and in-car Wi-Fi.

Whether you’re a big family or a couple who likes to go on getaway trips, there are plenty of options available to you.

Toyota Highlander Bronze Edition

The visually show-stopping Toyota Highlander Bronze Edition is perfect if you’re wanting lots of space for luggage, whilst also having spacious room for passengers. 

You can ride in luxury as this stunning vehicle has height/tilt power passenger seat adjustments, so you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying maximum comfort

This car is home to some amazing features such as; a hands-free power liftgate, rain-sensing wipers, in-dash ambient lighting, driver-seat memory with a ten-way power seat, and a digital rear-view mirror. 

You have the ability to drive absolutely anywhere with the Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition as it amazingly combines a high-efficiency 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, therefore leaving you with so many options when deciding where to go. 

2022 Kia Stinger 

This may be one of the best sports cars of the 21st century, but it carries all elements you’d expect from a car that’s taking you long distances. 

This sports sedan is outfitted with a 720-watt Harman quantum logic surround sound system, meaning 15 speakers are able to give you the best sound quality possible, for those moments where you want to blast out music and sing at the top of your lungs.

This incredible vehicle has not only a power-adjustable passenger seat but also heated leather front seats and an extra-wide sunroof!

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This Mercedes is not only extremely beautiful to look at, but it also has some incredibly amazing features. 

The popular G wagon has not only an all-wheel-drive that can drive in all-terrain weather conditions but also has cruise control and agility control with suspension and damping. 

This Mercedes-Benz is perfect for any long-distance road trip, as it was originally created for people in the military you can expect everything from bright beam headlamps to Burmester surround sound systems. 

The luxurious features and the prestige that has been associated with the G-Wagon are what make it so special. 

Citroën C3 Aircross

If space and comfort are your number one top priority when looking for a car to road trip around in, the Citroen C3 Aircross might just be the perfect vehicle for you to choose.

This car has incredibly advanced comfort technology, increased ride height, and raised driving position. 

This car’s boots capacity can reach up to an insane 1,289 litres with the seats folded, or without it can still hold a phenomenal 520 litres with the rear seats in place. 

Although this is a cheaper car for you to choose from, it still has amazing safety features in place to make sure your road trip is as much of a comfortable experience as it can be. 

Nissan Juke 

The Juke’s first-generation offers many desirable features such as decent head and legroom, high seating position, and a unique exterior. 

This car is perfect for everyday use as well as long-distance road trips. If you’re a person who drives to and from work every day but likes long-distance trips at the weekend, this car may be perfect for you.

The 1.6 litre 16V engine enables you to have a fun drive, yet is still sensible. We must also mention that this is very fuel-efficient and economical!

With this Jukes eight-speaker Bose sound system, you can enjoy listening to your music whilst watching the stunning views out of the window. 

Nissan Juke cars create sleek aerodynamics for a much quieter, smooth ride. 

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