Are Electrolytes The Messiah For Hangovers?

No matter how much fun a night of drinking and partying seems like, the next day, people most often live to regret it. A hangover is no fun. There is also no magical cure for the same. Thus, if you are experiencing a hangover, you will have to take the long road out. Drink up on lots of water, load up on electrolytes and wait for the hangover symptoms to pass.

Why Does A Hangover Occur?

Most people are aware that drinking excess alcohol causes hangovers. But very few know why hangover occurs in the first place. Our bodies have mechanisms in place that are responsible for regulating fluid levels. However, when you consume excess alcohol, it increases the production of vasopressin. Vasopressin is responsible for acting as a diuretic and causes fluid loss. Thus, the excessive urination that you experience after drinking alcohol rids the body of essential fluid and electrolytes and causes dehydration. This, in turn, causes nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, and headaches.

Alcohol also damages the stomach and intestine lining and causes inflammation. It leads to gastric acid production and causes abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. When a person vomits, the problems get compounded since the stomach gets rid of all the water and feels further dehydrated.

Excessive urination and vomiting cause loss of electrolytes. When electrolyte gets depleted, the body will not regulate muscle function, balance pH, or hydration levels. Thus, the symptoms of muscle weakness and headaches.

Dealing With Hangover

The first thing that anyone will tell you when it comes to dealing with hangovers is hydration. However, only drinking water is not the solution. If you only drink water, but your body is low on electrolytes, it will not balance the water levels between different cells. Thus, you must ensure that your hangover cure includes electrolytes because electrolytes are responsible for moving the water to the areas where it is severely needed.

Alternatively, you can keep your electrolyte balance from getting severely depleted by keeping yourself hydrated and replenishing the electrolyte levels while you drink. This way, you may avoid dehydration and the symptoms of a hangover.

If you are getting ready to have a night of partying, it is best to have your morning prepared beforehand. Your morning would include a hangover cure like rehydration sachets. Rehydration sachets contain optimum levels of electrolytes. Thus, empty a packet of rehydration sachet into water and drink it up. The sooner the electrolyte levels get replenished in your muscles and other sections of your body, the sooner the hangover symptoms like muscle weakness and fatigue will reduce.

Electrolytes and water can solve most negative effects of alcohol. However, there is no universal cure or Messiah for curing a hangover. However, you can prevent the severe effects by consuming electrolytes even while you drink so that your body is continuously hydrated and the electrolyte reserves get replenished. To keep up the electrolyte levels, you can have coconut water, bananas, pickle juice, etc.

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