7 Things Businesspeople Should Never Say in an Email or Social Media Post

How often have you seen a post on social media where the person was complaining about their boss or company culture? If such posts aren’t funny, then they are always negative. Some people share them because they truly believe they are the only ones who are being treated poorly at work, and they want everyone else to know.

There are certain things casino south Africa businesses SHOULDN’T say in emails and social media posts. Here are seven ways to ensure your messages don’t come across as hostile or intimidating.

1. Don’t write like a jerk

Everyone knows that writing is hard — but it’s even harder when you’re upset or angry about something! You’ll be more convincing if you write with compassion and empathy.

2. Don’t make abrupt demands of others

Instead, ask questions and tell them what you need from them. When you do this in person, people can see how much you really care about what they have to say.

3. Don’t insult people

Even better, don’t use sarcasm, which comes off as mean and immature. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are – insulting someone won’t get your message across.

4. Don’t blame other people for problems

Not only does this make you look bad, but blaming another party makes you seem petty and selfish.

5. Don’t complain about others without giving alternatives

The best way to show you’re open-minded is by offering solutions rather than asking for a solution.

6. Don’t give yourself a “pat pat” on the back

While self-praise may be helpful in one-on-one settings, it can actually look arrogant to others. Plus, most people appreciate feedback, not just praise.

7. Don’t assume

Ask questions and find out for sure before making assumptions. In general, speaking only for myself here: assuming anything means talking too much.


Every business runs off the resilience of its employees, whether it be a store, an online gambling platform, a small dealership, or even just a government institution. The same goes for casino online real money businesses of all sizes and industries within the greater community. No company should be immune to the effects of these words and phrases used every day. They’re not only bad manners—they’re also unprofessional and could cost you money (and potentially damage your reputation) in the long run.

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