4 Ways to Convert Your Single-Tap Kegerator into a Great Multi-Tap Kegerator

Kegerators can come in various options as far as taps go. You can get single-tap kegerators or multiple taps. If you have a single-tap kegerator, you may be hesitant to spend even more on it if you need more than a single-tap option. If you have a single-tap kegerator, you can create an excellent kegerator if you have a single-tap multi-tap kegerator. This article will show you 4 different ways you can achieve this.

4 Ways to Convert Your Single-Tap Kegerator into a Multi-Tap Kegerator

Here are 4 ways to convert your single-tap kegerator into one with multiple taps.

1. Buy Conversion Kits

One option is to buy a ready-made kit to convert your single-tap kegerator into a multiple-tap one. Typically sold by the manufacturer or another reputable vendor, this kit is an easy-to-use conversion solution.

2. Create Your Conversion Kit

You also have the option to create your conversion kit. You will need to know what parts to do this, and you will need more technical skills to accomplish the conversion.

3. Purchase an Adapter

Another option is to purchase an adapter that can attach to your tower to give you multiple taps. You will still need technical knowledge with this option to ensure you get the right parts to work correctly.

4. Purchase a Multi-Tap Kegerator

Probably the easiest solution, even those it’s the most expensive option, is just to buy a new kegerator. You don’t have to worry about purchasing the right parts or having the knowledge to complete the conversion yourself. You just need to buy a kegerator that suits your needs.

Top Multi-Tap Commercial Kegerators

As previously mentioned, purchasing a kegerator with multiple taps is the easiest solution. Here are 2 excellent multi-tap kegerator options to choose from.

1. Kegco 24” Triple Tap Kegerator

This kegerator has 3 separate taps where you can dispense 3 different beverages at the same time. This kegerator can even serve other beverages, including wine and kombucha. One of the things that makes this kegerator stand out is its ability to be used outside for various gatherings.

2. Kegco 24” Cold Brew Coffee Four Tap Kegerator

Kegerators are more than just beer dispensers, as seen with this kegerator option. Specifically made for use with cold brew beverages, this kegerator allows you to make up to 4 different types of cold brew coffee. This makes it an excellent option for coffee houses or smaller restaurants that want to sell cold brew coffee that is perfect with every pour.


Whether you convert your current single-tap kegerator into one with multiple taps or upgrade your kegerator, ensuring that you have the perfect kegerator for your needs can significantly impact your experience with a kegerator.

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