Trails Carolina Embarks on a Journey to Help Struggling Teens

Every teen is unique, and every struggle they face is unique to them. If your teenager struggles with anything in life, it can be challenging to know how to help them. 

That’s where Trails Carolina comes in.

At Trails Carolina, they understand the importance of therapy. But they also know that simply sitting in a chair and talking about their feelings can be intimidating, overwhelming, and ultimately unhelpful for many young people. 

Instead, they’ve developed a program where teens can not only talk, but learn new skills, work as a team, and develop goals to help them take on life with confidence.

Help is Here for Challenging Times

Adolescence is a tough time for every teen, and it can be challenging for those around them too. Today’s teenagers have to deal with a whole manner of pressures and worries that didn’t affect their parents in quite the same way.

Expectations to perform well at school, difficulties socializing with friends, and navigating the early steps toward adulthood are made even more difficult today in a world where social media has a considerable influence.

While not all social media is terrible, it can make teenagers feel like they don’t fit in compared to those they see online. This disconnection can rapidly become anxiety, depression, and feelings of helplessness.

These feelings can manifest in ways that make your teen feel and even seem like a stranger in the family. They can begin to display behaviors that make you concerned for them and other household members.

Considering applying to one of Trails Carolina’s therapy programs could be just the thing you need if the following symptoms are familiar when you think of your teen:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Obsessive behaviors
  • Withdrawal from social interaction
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Truancy
  • ADHD
  • Self-harm
  • Tech abuse

At Trails North Carolina, they believe that every teenager has the ability and the right to discover their true potential and become the well-rounded individual they wish to be. They believe that there’s no need to struggle alone during this difficult time.

Instead, with a program that’s been carefully crafted by industry professionals and accredited expert staff, struggling youths can get both the listening ear and the practical skills they need to grow in confidence.

A Journey for the Entire Family

Siblings of struggling teens can slowly start to see their older brother or sister change into a person they no longer recognize. When a member of the family is struggling, the effects are felt by everyone.

At Trails North Carolina, they aim to help the entire family become a strong, confident unit once again by supporting the whole family. Our program is designed to help the entire family heal as a team.

How Trails North Carolina Can Help Your Teen

The great outdoors, home to Trails Carolina’s Wilderness Therapy programs, is the ideal setting for teenagers to address behavioral and emotional challenges. Once they’re overcome, it can give your teen a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Problem-solving tasks, team-oriented activities, and therapeutic sessions combine in beautiful surroundings all go toward developing skills in your child that they use each day of the program and then take with them for use in their everyday life.

Completion of the program, or graduation, produces outstanding results that have been measured and verified by the University of Arkansas, which worked with them closely and revealed that twelve months after graduating from the program, 93% of students reported a decrease in their depression and 86% of them say their anxiety decreased.

It proves that even after the program has been completed, the skills your teen learns and develops will stay with them as they continue to use the coping mechanisms, strategies, and therapy-encouraged revelations they acquired during their time in the wilderness.

Healing: A Journey for All

Throughout life, we can often feel hopeless and as though we have no purpose. This feeling can be powerful for teens struggling with their lives and when family and social dynamics are complicated.

Having a goal can make all the difference. Without goals, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, it can leave us wondering about our place in the world. This lack of purpose can lead to the destructive and troubling behavior you may currently witness in your family.

Small, attainable goals, some easily within reach, and others requiring more focus and work, give phenomenal joy and a confidence boost when reached.

From here, the healing as a whole family can begin. You will see significant improvement in the happiness and confidence of your struggling teen. Still, you may even be surprised by the revelations you experience about yourself and how strong you are as a parent.

With the therapeutic combination of practical wilderness skills and personal therapy sessions, your teen can genuinely begin to understand their full potential and leave the program invigorated and equipped with a sense of purpose and pride.

How to Make That First Step

Take a look at what other people have had to say in the Trails North Carolina Wilderness Program reviews, and when you’re ready to make the first step in your family’s healing journey, they’ll be there, ready to welcome you.



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