The Ultimate Guide to Travelling Cheap

How do you travel cheaply without giving up comfort or even basic conveniences? This guide will show you how to travel cheaper and enjoy the trip while saving some cash.

One way to save money on your next vacation is by finding ways to cut corners and live below your means. For example, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on high-end hotels, try staying at hostels. If you don’t want to spend money on food, eat out less and play more kiwicasinos casino games. And don’t forget about packing light. There are lots of cool gadgets emerging every day that allow you to pack light, but also save space.

Here are the top steps to go for a budget-friendly trip from start to finish.

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling Cheap

1. Get a passport – A simple step with long term benefits

If you haven’t been able to get your passport in time before traveling abroad, make sure it doesn’t arrive too late. In many cases, passports take weeks to be delivered after they have been ordered (and sometimes never). When you book a return flight, always leave an extra week or two to ensure you won’t miss anything. Also, if you need your passport urgently when you are overseas, don’t worry. You can change the date stamp to reflect the current date so there is no harm done.

2. Book ahead

To avoid standing in line, book as far in advance as possible. Make note of where you want to fly and what airlines you prefer. It’s always best to check which airlines offer special deals and promotions online before booking flights so that you can play your online pokies Australia games comfortably and stand a chance to win while you travelling.

3. Don’t skimp on safety features

Travel insurance shouldn’t be overlooked – despite the cost. Consider getting one especially if you’re going somewhere risky such as Europe, South America, and Asia. It could cover medical costs, emergency evacuations, lost baggage, and more. Depending on policies, it may pay off to buy this when you’re not flying to remote destinations.

4. Take the train/bus rather than plane

Many countries offer great discounts to people who ride trains and buses versus planes. Check with local travel agents or your airline about these options. Your hotel might also have discounted packages for guests that take public transport versus driving everywhere.

5. Use promo codes

Try buying tickets using discount code sites like Groupon. These websites often provide good savings through exclusive offers given only to their members. However, always remember that these codes expire quickly — so plan accordingly. You must use them within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket.

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