Injured In A Bicycle Accident? Read Vital Details Here

Because bicyclists are not as protected as passengers in a car, they offer suffer the most traumatic injuries in on-road mishaps. Such bicycle accidents happen regularly in Henderson, and people are often confused about the claims process. the truth is just because the accident involved a car doesn’t always mean that the driver is at fault. You could even have a role in how the incident happened or in the aftermath. You need to get a Henderson Injury Lawyer on your side to avoid making common mistakes. Here are some vital details worth knowing.

Take the right steps

Following the bicycle accident, you should take the following steps –

  1. Call 911. You need immediate medical attention, and if someone else is injured, they need to get help too.
  2. Inform the police. If you intend to file a claim and seek compensation, you will need a copy of the police report. Make sure to cooperate with the officer.
  3. Take pictures. Unless the bicycle accident has left you with serious injuries and you cannot move, consider using your phone to get some photos of the scene and your condition.
  4. Gather details. You should talk to the involved drivers, check if there are witnesses, and gather all details that will come in handy when you file the claim.
  5. Write down everything. You are likely to forget many details as the days pass, and it is best to write down all that you can remember.

Get an attorney

Winning a bicycle accident claim can be more challenging than you think. The insurance company will tear you apart if you don’t have the correct information and evidence, and even when you do have a solid case, they will try to settle the case for as less as possible. You need an attorney who specializes in personal injury laws in Nevada and has worked on bicycle accident claims. Lawyers can gather details you cannot and have resources to rely on. You can expect the attorney to take over and communicate with the insurance company so that you are not pressured into saying something that goes against you.

If you are worried about the costs related to using a law firm, you can be assured that most bicycle accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. They get to charge a share of the settlement only if the outcome is positive. You can always get a free consultation with a top firm and discuss how to deal with the circumstances better.

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