How to Promote your Woodworking Business Online

The wonders of woodworking are versatile – from acting as a form of therapy to being the perfect DIY activity or gift to of course the classic home renovations, the skill is nothing short of an all-rounder. 

Woodworking really saw a boom during the pandemic, when people were cooped up inside and took on new activities to keep themselves occupied. And now that we’re making a return to a more social normal, woodworking businesses are in demand! With increasing demand comes increasing competition, and if you’re to take your woodworking business to the top, then you must market it! 

Here are my top tips – all tried and tested – for promoting your woodworking business online:

Create an Instagram Following

In today’s world, social media following is essential to business success. With people spending hours online, it’s necessary for a business to join the online trenches to be noticed. And the best way to do so is by claiming their place on social media. 

As a woodworking business, your visuals will make your sales, and the best platform for putting that forth is Instagram, of course! Take the reins of one of the world’s largest image-sharing platforms to engage with potential and existing customers by showcasing your work and services, taking in feedback and suggestions, and connecting with other industry leaders. 

Start by creating a profile that represents your woodworking business, swiftly crafting a social calendar to populate it, and making use of captivating visuals, SEO-optimized captions, and trending hashtags to create a following. 

The key to Instagram success is being consistent and available, so once your page is active and you frequently interact with users, your woodworking business is sure to take off!

Market it – with a Flyer!

Speaking of visuals, advertising is a key component in promoting any business, and of course, your woodworking business is no different. And believe it or not, flyer marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing to go around. 

Classic, yet strong performing, you can put your own spin on flyer marketing by making it a target for your online audience. With PosterMyWall’s small business flyer templates, you can easily create low-cost, high-performing advertisements for your online platforms! 

The best thing is that you can find flyer templates in the dozens on PosterMyWall, and that too at extremely affordable rates – letting you advertise in style without breaking the bank! Once your flyers are ready, you can use them on social media, attach them to emails, or even have them appear as banner advertisements on other websites. 

Just make sure your flyers are well-designed and informative, after all, there’s nothing worse than an advertisement that doesn’t get the message across! 

Link Up with LinkedIn!

A big part of the woodworking market is renovations and construction, and what better avenue to source these clients than through business connections. Establish your woodworking business’ presence on LinkedIn and take advantage of its thousands of professional individuals and companies.

Start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to rank at the top of your industry – important things to think about here are visuals, keywords, and hashtags that you make use of. Once you’re ranking high, the chances of potential clients reaching out to you for your woodworking services only increase! 

And of course, establishing connections with business individuals that your woodworking setup could potentially cater to is of the essence. Make sure to populate your profile with details of your services and work done for past clients – take extra care of how you word your bio and tagline as these are the first things that new connections will see. 

Host an Online Class!

While the effects of the pandemic have faded away and people are now returning to a more social normal, there is a newfound appreciation for the virtual mode of life. And a great way to promote your woodworking business is by catering to these virtual dwellers! 

Advertise your class on your social platforms and through your mailing list, using visuals to draw in your audience. To get even more traction, you can offer a special discount for the first few customers!

Be sure to prepare well for the online class, informing your students well in advance of any materials that they may require. After all, feedback from your online classes will directly impact your online reputation! 

So, with these pro marketing tips under your belt, your woodworking business will take off in no time! Make sure to do a check and balance, applying techniques that work best for your particular business and using performance and results to improve. Happy woodworking! 

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