Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Grow Lights

If you have an indoor grow setup, you can significantly benefit from grow lights. The right grow lights can impact the yields and quality of plants your arrangement grows. This article will show five reasons to invest in grow lights and three great grow light options.

5 Reasons to Invest in Grow Lights

This section will go over the best reasons to invest in grow lights for indoor gardening. The fact is, there are plenty when you invest in grow lights, including:

1. Consumes Less Power

The most significant advantage you get from investing in grows lights is that these use less power than traditional light bulbs. Grow lights use LED lights, which use fewer watts while still producing the same amount of light. When you have highly efficient LED lights, these can be 48% more energy efficient than HID bulbs. 

Using less power doesn’t just refer to the actual power output of the lights. It also refers to the energy needed for things like cooling and ventilation. LED lights run a lot cooler than HID lights. This means you don’t need additional cooling and ventilation in the space, significantly when growing sensitive plants. Maintaining the proper temperature in a growing area can be challenging, but LED lights can make this task much more accessible.

2. Grow Plants Any Time of the Year

Indoor gardening allows you to grow your plants all year round. Whether you don’t have the outdoor space for a garden or want to make a home for your plants during the cold winter, using grow lights can be the best option. This is great if you want to grow plants that may not work well with your local climate.

3. Can Be Closer to Plants

As previously mentioned, LED growth lights run much more relaxed than HID lights. HID lights need to be quite a distance away from plants. Otherwise, they can make the plants too hot, causing them to die. But if the light is too far away, the plants cannot benefit as much from the light. LED lights can get much closer to the plants, especially if you have a smaller growing space. 

4. Light Spectrum

A secret to growing plants can lay in the spectrum of the light that the plants receive. The spectrum of light that the plants are exposed to. There are specific wavelengths of light that impact things like growth rate. Exposing your plants to various aspects of the spectrum can ensure that your plant grows faster and more extensively than you would see with other lighting options. 

You can buy LED lights that come in various spectrums, which allows you to get the perfect light spectrum for whatever your light needs are.

5. More Control Over your Lights

With LED lights, you get more control over your lights. You can set up a schedule that can imitate the different seasons throughout the year. You also get the ability to dim the lights, which can reduce the energy required to light your growing space. You can control the spectrum of the lights to ensure they get the optimal lighting throughout the day. Lastly, you can manage these lights’ schedules, ensuring they get the lighting the plants need.

Top 3 Grow Lights

There are plenty of benefits that you can get from using grow lights for your indoor grow lights. This section will show you a few of the best grow lights available.

1. Iluminar iLi3 240 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

On the more affordable side of grow lamps, you have this option. These versatile lights can be used for more extensive farming needs or for those who want to grow something locally. This light allows you to get higher yields and increase the plant’s efficacy. You can get the lighting that you need. This is an ideal option for various setups, which is why this is a great option to consider.

2. Iluminar iL1 660W Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light

For a mid-range LED grow to like, you have this option that you can consider. This light is designed to minimize your carbon footprint when dealing with this. The mountain position is essential because they can get a better view than they are currently. It was also decided for these mounts to have the ability to offer a full spectrum of MR, but I also wanted to get Dough to see that there are 

3. Iluminar iLogic9 1000W UV Green Lamp

This option is on the most expensive side, but you get more than what you think you are paying with this light setup. You get among the highest energy efficiency with this option, which is perfect if you want something that will reduce your carbon footprint. These lights are made specifically for recreational LED grow lights and use the latest in LED grow light technology. Iluminar is a brand known for creating stellar grow lights, something you can benefit from with this option. 


As you can see, grow lights are more than worth the investment. They use less power than regular lights and have specific properties that make them excellent for growing plants. Make sure you buy grow lamps. You get an option that meets your needs. The top grow lights in this article are excellent choices, offering fantastic results.

About the author:

Trevor James is the founder of Grow Light Paradise, a one-stop shop for Grow Lights. He started selling LED Growing lights in 2010 and eventually built Grow Light Paradise to serve customers all over the USA. You can shop for the best Grow Lights at Grow Light Paradise.   

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