Content Boosting Pop-up Examples for Blogs & Publishers

Running a blog can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to promoting it and convincing your readers to remain on a page a bit longer. That’s why it would never hurt to utilize some additional tools that will motivate your users to do so. 

Take pop-ups as an example. You can easily adjust the triggers and create unique and enticing offers for your audience. There are a limitless number of pop-up variations that are available in different automation software programs. Let’s have a look at some of those that already function on versatile blogs. 

Create an eye-catcher

Pop-ups can’t be passed unnoticed. And it’s a great thing if you want to capture your visitors’ attention and promote something. The first thing that you might want to consider is a pop-up design and template. Are you going to use a rectangular box somewhere in the right corner or a page overlay? What colors will suit your website and look harmonious? Tim Ferriss, for example, uses a page overlay to advertise his e-book. Contrasting colors in the photo immediately attract attention, and a prominent e-book title awakes interest. 

Share exclusive content 

One of the most popular reasons to implement pop-ups into a website is to promote exclusive content outside its boundaries. By staying in touch with your audience, you can easily update them with newly published articles or any sort of content in your blog. Just like that, Design for Mankind blog offers unique essays newsletters in exchange for users’ data. 

Give something for free

Alongside exclusive content, some bloggers offer free trials or generally free stuff. In the case of a Going Zero Waste blog, users can receive a free-of-charge crash course on living a more sustainable life. It’s one of the working methods to convert all the traffic on your website, as you put your skills and knowledge into your content, which makes it extremely valuable.

Increase FOMO

FOMO stands for ‘fear of missing out’. While advertising something on your blog page, think about including a date or time till which your offer is valid. It’s a proven strategy in marketing that yields results. Taking a Love Sweat Fitness blog as an example, its pop-up displays information about an upcoming fitness challenge and encourages website visitors to join. 

Enable personalization 

Knowing your readers is vital because it must be a part of your blog strategy. Survey pop-ups are a way to get to know your audience preferences better. Another solution could be adding filters on your page so that users would have an opportunity to adjust the content. A pop-up on a Copyhackers website redirects to their blog and informs readers about the possibility of sorting out the content according to their needs. 

Final thought

And this wraps up the list of pop-up examples for blogs and publishers. Depending on your niche and goals, you can find a range of features that will empower you to boost your content even further. There is undoubtedly a lot of work behind every web page. But hopefully, you could find some ideas for your blog that will help you grow your audience and convert it with ease.

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