Building Apps with Low-code Development

Many of you have probably heard of the concept of low-code application development that will make building apps more accessible and faster. Responding to today’s shortage of technology workers, the ADPT team had the opportunity to get to know the ONE WEB Low-code Platform from Avalant and have a chance to give it a rough trial. So I would like to summarize for everyone to read about how a low-code development platform is. And is it as easy as they say?

Why Low-code?

One big problem facing organizations worldwide is digital transformation: a shortage of talented IT workers. There is not enough labour in the market to meet demand. At the same time, Employees with the technological know-how that an organization has are often very busy and has obligations to maintain the existing system that the organization has. Therefore, most organizations began to look for a better resource management system and helpers to help employees work faster, easier and more efficiently. therefore it is important.

As a result, developing low code platform development tools applications is gaining more attention from businesses. Because in addition to helping organizations to develop apps quickly, make edits easy, The cost has been saved. The low-code development platform’s simplification will also ease the burden on developers by giving other employees the ability to develop simple applications on their own.

What’s on ONEWEB

ONE WEB is a low-code development platform that supports various development applications such as web applications, smartphone apps, business process solutions, data integration, data processing, REST APIs, and solutions. Connect between apps (Application Integration) The open source rapid development platform comes with user interface design tools, web pages or drag-and-drop applications, Microflow tools for connecting to other services such as databases or other APIs and web services. It also supports additional coding for the integrity of the application.


After getting to know ONE WEB, the Avalon team has opened the ADPT team to try the natural system. The team has tried to create a Mobile Application that connects to a simple API to test the system to see if it’s easy or not. You need to know about mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker pricing.

The first step starts with designing the app page. The workflow is not complicated; drag the desired component and adjust the settings as needed. It takes less than 20 minutes to get the page you want.

To work in ONE WEB, users can run the app to preview; the app will be deployed live on the ONE WEB server itself.

Press Play, the blue button on the top right to run the app.

Then it went on to create a Microflow to connect to the API. The team chose Deezer’s free API from the RapidAPI service. The first thing was to create a Flow where to start and finish. Then create a Business Object and Map between the variables we use in the application and the data that the API sends, and finally, set up a connection to the API.

Staff Comments: There is some learning curve, but it’s easy to write actual code.

After testing the system, The team found that the part at ONE WEB was perfect and fast was to create a static application or website where one app page can be designed in a short time. Microflow requires some understanding of its working principles and connections. As far as experiments can be learned by yourself, it takes some trial and error.

Of course, OneWeb’s capabilities also have several interesting aspects, such as creating more complex flows and connecting to Push Notification system Deploying applications to the Store Scaling apps to support a large number of users Connectivity to plugins, including security and data retention features such as application version control.

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