A beginners guide to choosing pans for grilling

A grilling pan or a griddle pan is a type of frying pan with raised edges. It comes in a wide variety of options such as non-stick and cast iron surfaces. However, to get the best taste, cast iron is preferred. There are a wide variety of recipes that can be followed to get the best experience of cooking.

The word ‘grill’ provides the essence of outdoor cooking. It is not just cooking but altogether a different experience. However, with the size of houses becoming smaller day by day, people can hardly get the experience of outdoor cooking. Thus, grill pans can provide the texture and taste of outdoor cooking. There are several steps that need to be followed to ensure that the food is cooked top-notch. To ensure that a person uses these pans in the right manner, the following steps should be used:

Picking up the right pan

There are a wide variety of pans available in the market. In general parlance, pans with higher edges are preferable to the normal pans with lower edges. Pans with higher edges keep them heated in a better way and even enhance the experience of cooking.

Choice of pans made of cast iron

To retain more heat, the material with which the pan is made is also important. Cast irons have the capacity to retain more heat in comparison with other materials. However, it is not like a non-stick surface. Still, the taste and quality of food resemble more the outdoor experience of cooking. However, ceramic gas stoves should not be used to avoid any kind of accidents.

The shape of these pans

Pans are generally available in the shape of circles and squares. In the case of round pans, the cooking is just fine. However, when compared to square pans, they offer less surface area. Square pans provide more capacity to cook one’s favourite dish.

Matching press grill pans

These pans come with the option of enamel cast iron presses. These presses are used to apply some kind of pressure on the food. It gives the food the look of a ‘grill’ and even enhances the flavour of the food.  Grill marks are possible even without matching presses. However, with these enamel uplifted marks, pressure can be applied to the food to upgrade the flavour of the dish that is being cooked. One can still get the shape of those presses, however, the final output is not as good as outdoor grilling.

Pans with an option of a lid

In an actual grill set-up, the cooking requires a lid for the grill. It acts as a barrier and traps the heat, flavour, and smoke of the food. Similarly, these pans come with the option of a lid to retain heat which can create the same effect.

The deciding factor for such pans

The actual grill setup requires a lot of time. Grill pans are very convenient and save a lot of time on various tedious processes. Although cast iron is used, people generally prefer non-stick options which makes these pans even more suitable. However, the very essence of cooking outside is missed. It is altogether an ‘experience’ and not just cooking. Cooking outdoors, and spending the evening with family and friends makes the cooking even more enjoyable.

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